Disbursement Vs Dispersement: What Is The Difference?

Writers are exposed to all kinds of weird words! Some words like disbursement vs dispersement sound alike but mean different things. Most people pronounce these words identically. But there are some youngsters who misuse disburse in a sentence! This could completely change the meaning of the whole sentence. So, today, I will tell you the actual difference between disbursal vs disbursement in detail. Here, I will also teach when and how to use them in your sentences. Make sure you do not forget to check out how the words disperse vs disburse are pronounced. So, are you curious to know more about disbursement vs dispersement, then continue reading!

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What Is the Difference Between Disbursement Vs Dispersement?

The disburse vs disperse etymology is not as complex as it sounds. Here, I have listed down some key points that will help you to differentiate between disbursement vs distribution in short.

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Henceforth, Disbursement or dispersement can never be interchangeable in any sentence. 

Disbursement Vs Dispersement Examples

By now, you have understood disperse and disburse money meaning in detail. Now, I’ll tell you how to use them in your sentences.

First, let’s check out how to use the word disburse.

  1. Once you submit all the documents to the bank, it will disburse the funds to you.
  2. “When will the manager disburse my loan?” Anjali asked.
  3. Party leaders disburse their excess cash into the hands of their shareholders.

Now, have a look at how to use disperse in sentences.

  1. The crowd must be dispersed by now.
  2. Jatin climbed on the steps to disperse his mother’s ashes in the water.
  3. Famous rappers usually disperse on their rap tracks.

How To Pronounce Disperse Vs Disburse?

As I have mentioned earlier, these two words are used and pronounced incorrectly. So, in this section, I will teach you how they should be pronounced correctly.

Dispersement should be pronounced as “di-sperse-ment.” And disbursement should be pronounced as “dis-burse-ment.”

Note: Here, I have divided the syllables of each word.

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Is There A Word Dispersement?

Yes, there is a word disbursement in the dictionary.

What Is The Difference Between Dispersement And Disbursement?

The major difference between dispersement and disbursement is as follows.

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What Does Dispersement Mean?

In simple words, dispersement means to distribute from a fixed or constant source.

Is Disbursement A Good Thing?

Yes, disbursement is a good as well as a bad thing. A disbursement is considered good when money is credited to the account. On the other side, a disbursement is considered bad when financial aid funds are overpaid.

What Is The Difference Between Disbursement Vs Payment?

The difference between disbursement vs payment is as follows.

  • Disbursement means the distribution of money or funds. Whereas dispersement means distribution or scattering of something.
  • The word disburse is related to money, while the word disperse can be related to anything.

What Is The Difference Between Distribution And Disbursement?

The main difference between distribution and disbursement is as follows.

  • Distribution means dividing items or units into smaller portions.
  • Whereas, disbursements mean paying out finance from a public fund or treasury.

Is A Disbursement A Payment?

Disbursement–or payment disbursement–is the delivery of payment from a business’s bank account to a third party’s bank account. Disbursement refers to a range of payment types, including cash, electronic funds transfer, checks and more. All disbursements are recorded to show how a business spends money over time.


In my above-written post, I have discussed the meanings of disbursement vs dispersement briefly. The words disburse and disperse have similar meanings but are used in a different context. Generally, disbursement refers to the distribution of money while dispersement refers to the distribution or scattering of anything. There is a trick to remember dispersement vs disbursement like the word disburse is only used in financial contexts. So, it is extremely important to carefully choose the words depending upon the situation. Once you understand the difference between disbursement vs dispersement, you can easily use them in your sentences.