Why Should You Invest In Cloud Contact Center in 2022

The way customers and businesses communicate has changed over the years. Yet, most working contact centers are still run on old and obsolete technologies. A cloud contact center solution is the new age alternative to redundant on-premise solutions equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology.

 Modern cloud contact centers come with many benefits for brands and businesses that focus on meeting customer needs and expectations.

 Businesses still dependent on legacy contact centers are already feeling the gap and limitations. Adding new customer engagement channels like SMS or Messenger or even updating the phone menu might challenge many. 

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 We are confident that this is not the position you want to be in as a brand. This is rather frustrating as enhancing customer experience becomes more and more difficult when technology doesn’t add to your needs.

 The world post the corona pandemic has witnessed a rise in communication APIs, which has led to the evolution of contact centers. 

How Are Businesses Winning with Cloud Contact Center in 2022? 

Enhanced Customer Experience

The benefits of a cloud contact center are many, but the most important one remains: improving customer experience.  

Imagine your customers reaching out to you with a query or assistance during the sale cycle, and they aren’t able to get through or are stuck in a neverending IVR. What kind of customer experience do you think you are delivering?

Today, customers want immediate action for their queries, whether it is through social media, in-app chat, or phone. If your customers aren’t assisted immediately, this directly impacts your business’s bottom line.

Also, APIs allow businesses to gather customer data which can further be used for various purposes to facilitate a personalized experience for each customer. 

Easy Scaling Up 

Scaling up is vital. With time as and when technology evolves, businesses need to transit, and being constrained because of old software and hardware is not something you want.

When your brand has a cloud contact center, scaling up or down is easy and can be done immediately with no added cost. 

APIs have the potential to scale automatically, and no extra agents are required to swim your brands through. With cloud contact centers, brands are in control of creating great customer experiences.

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As your cloud contact center evolves over time, and since APIs are structured on a pay-as-you-go model, you can grow flexibly with technology that scales with your business without the risk of oversubscription charges. 

Adding More Communication Channels 

The way brands and businesses communicate with their customers has changed over time. For example, connecting with brands through the telephone has become obsolete. Instead, text messaging and social media messaging have become new ways for customers to communicate. 

With API-based contact center solutions, brands do not require revamping their entire system to add new communication channels. Since APIs work like building blocks, you can easily add new tracks to your existing contact center. 

So, when z web-based chat app is a choice for your customers, they directly connect with an agent from your app or website in your cloud contact center.  

The agent is provided with a context and customer history to give them the best possible service. 

Routine Iterations

Building a great customer experience requires time and cannot be made daily. The possibility that your customer needs and desires can change is high. In order to deliver an ongoing premium customer experience, you need to test, gather customer responses, look at the data that makes sense for your brand.  

Businesses with complicated legacy ecosystems can’t keep testing and upgrading their contact centers as it takes months to make changes. This also incurs added cost, expensive consultations, and negotiations.

However, with a modern cloud contact center built on APIs, it’s easy to use analytics to track, measure, and iterate so you can constantly improve the customer experience. 

Extremely Reliable 

Cloud-based contact centers offer the reliability that is second to none. And this is important since they aggregate the requirements of thousands of customers. 

Brands must move their communications from obsolete legacy systems to modern APIs. As a result, you can undoubtedly expect an uptime of over 99.99% SLA, which means that the cloud platform is never down. 

Modern contact center APIs are cloud-based, and they connect calls through carries across the globe using distributed data centers.  

All the calls on the cloud are routed with the intent to reduce call latency and provide a great customer experience. Unfortunately, this level of reliability is hard to encounter on an on-premise-based call center system. 

Highly Cost-Effective 

The cost is often the decision-making factor for businesses and brands. I’m sure you must be wondering that with all the benefits of moving to a cloud contact center, it must cost a fortune?  

Actually, it’s the opposite. 

When you move communications into the empire of cloud-based software, you can quickly build a multichannel contact center with only a modest investment.

Most brands have migrated to the cloud, experiencing significant cost savings by switching from their existing on-premise infrastructure.

With all the benefits of cloud contact centers, we are sure you now know that winning cloud contact centers are and will continue to be in 2022.

Wrapping Up

The older contact center models are essentially based on nonflexible and stringent platforms which limit businesses and brands. This doesn’t allow brands to change or adapt to customer behavior quickly, resulting in a loss of time and money. 

Modern cloud-based APIs help build new applications specifically designed to decode your communication requirements.

 Brands can also augment their existing solution with an application to extend the life and value of your current investments, or they can also take a migratory path. 

Are you looking to win more customers and orchestrate seamless customer journeys with a cloud-based contact center software that grows with you? Then, get in touch with us today!

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