An Inside Look at the Top Global Health Insurance Plans

Medical treatments are not restricted to the boundaries of one’s home country anymore. These days, people travel to other countries for expert and high-quality medical treatments for various illnesses like cancer, neurosurgery, heart surgeries, gene therapy and more.

However, the cost of such exclusive and quality medical treatments is usually high, and may be unaffordable for a lot of people. Considering these circumstances, investing in global health insurance is crucial.

In this guide, we will understand in detail international health insurance in India and how health insurance works.

What is Global Health Insurance?

Global or international health insurance is a medical insurance policy that offers global coverage to the policyholder against various planned treatments.

This is a health insurance plan that covers medical and healthcare service expenses incurred anywhere in the world. This means the plan will cover medical expenses within the home country as well as in foreign nations.

This plan also covers travel and accommodation expenses for you and your companion so that you can focus on your treatment and recovery without worrying about the expenses.

Why to Buy International Health Insurance?

Some of the common reasons to invest in the best international health insurance in India are:

  • Quality Medical Care: One critical reason to invest in worldwide health insurance is to get access to quality medical care outside the home country. Healthcare facilities in foreign nations are advanced and offer more treatment options.

However, due to financial constraints, individuals need to manage whatever treatment options are available in their home country. But with global health insurance, individuals have access to the best medical care facilities anywhere in the world.

  • Overseas Medical Coverage: The general health insurance plan available in India does not cover foreign medical expenses. This means that if an individual has a health insurance policy and needs to go for treatment in a foreign country, then the plan will not cover the medical expenses outside the home border.

This can drain the individual’s lifelong savings. However, with a global health insurance plan, individuals have the flexibility to get themselves treated anywhere in the world.

  • Planned Medical Treatment: Another crucial reason for investing in global health insurance is to get coverage for a planned medical treatment. Not only do the top global health insurance plans cover the treatment cost but they also assist you with stressful travel arrangements like visa and documentation.

Therefore, you can be at complete peace of mind with these plans and not fret over the arrangements of travelling to a foreign land for treatment.

Factor to Consider While Choosing Worldwide Health Insurance

  • Coverage Area: It is best to ensure that the plan covers the geographical area where you intend to travel in future for the treatment. The best global health insurance plans cover treatment in expensive countries like the USA and Canada.
  • Treatments Covered: The second thing to ascertain is that the policy covers the treatment option you are looking for.
  • Travel and Accommodation Expenses: Besides this, it is essential to check if the policy covers the travel and accommodation expenses in the foreign country.


Travelling to a foreign country for medical treatment can be very costly and can drain an individual’s savings. But by investing in global health insurance, you do not have to compromise on the treatment and can get the best medical treatment and care anywhere in the world.