Everything You Need To Know About Deck Painting.

The harsh weather conditions must have done damage to your deck and now you may just have to paint. The warmth season should be here shortly and it is the best of times to paint your deck. This article thoroughly explains everything you need to know about Deck Painting.

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What is Deck Painting?

A deck is simply the little flight of steps right on the outdoor of the house. Deck painting is the painting or the staining of those stairs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Deck painting.

  1.       Choosing a deck color; the perfect color for your deck is entirely to your discretion. Although the most popular deck color is wood, solely for the idea of color to match the wood the deck is made of. You could also go for a two-tone color; this is painting the entire deck in one color and painting the edges in other colors. If you choose a wooden color, you can always go for a white color for the edges.
  2.       In choosing a deck paint, you should understand you cannot choose just any regular paint because feet will always be on a deck. Ensure the kind of paint purchased for the deck is a water repellent preservative one or you could also go for the transparent oil stain.
  3.       Staining the Deck:  Staining the deck is sort of half painting the deck. It is often superficial, and not thorough. It is preferred by most people because it shows the wood grains and they are less slippery thus reducing the risks for accidents. However, they do not last as long as painting the deck and they do not also cover irregularities.

Preparation for Painting a Deck.

Just like painting the interior or exterior of a house, there are also preparations to painting a deck.

  1.       The Elements; winter or rainy seasons are terrible times to paint the deck or even pain the house.  Painting a deck has to be done during the rainy season.
  2.       Remove all the mold. Wooden Decks always have molds on them, before painting, remove all molds by scrapping or first spraying a mold deterrent before scrapping for ease.
  3.       Wash the Deck; thoroughly clean the deck to aid the rollers for painting.

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  1.       Make all needed repairs; fix all damaged boards, or replace rotten boards. You do not exactly need a handyman for this, DIY is your cue.
  2.       Sand the board and remove all old paint for a fresh start.

Wooden Decks are the most popular; Cedarwood, sequoia, timber, redwoods, etc.; yes but they aren’t the only thing Decks could be made out of. Decks can also be made out of composites of plastic and wood, polystyrene, engineered materials, concrete, and even just plastic.


If you are considering painting your decks on your own as a DIY project for the whole family, I hope this article has been helpful. Remember, painting in the summer only.