5 Easy Car Maintenance Tips for Better Reliability and Lower Insurance

There are many car problems many people deal with out there that could have been easily avoided by regular maintenance. One of the worst things as a car owner is being told that you need a costly repair. This is worse when it is something that could have been avoided easily. Keep you car clean and tidy with Mr Car Mats and follow these tips below to avoid unnecessary costs.

Regular Car Maintenance Tips

It is always important to keep the manufacturer’s guidelines in mind when servicing your car. This is what happens when you take your car for service or repair. There are some things you can do regularly to reduce the risks of your car breaking down. Some are just simple visual checks while there are some that will have you opening the bonnet and access the engine. Make sure you stop the engine before you open the bonnet. Keep in mind that the engine is going to remain hot even after turning off the engine.

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The good thing is most of the following checks are simple and straightforward, you don’t need to have technical drivers to do it. you can check your car’s handbook for the oil and coolant types required.

It is a good idea to check the car at least once a month or before going on a long journey.

Inspecting your tires

This is a visual check that won’t take much time. Walk around the car and see if there are any cuts in the tread and the sidewalls. Modern tires are very strong but there are times they can be damaged by poor road surfaces. Another thing you need to look at is tread depth. It needs to be at least 2mm because when it gets closer to the lower limit, the grip is going to reduce especially when on wet surfaces. Check whether the tires are equally worn across the width. The car tires are the only contact point to the ground so don’t delay in consulting n expert if you notice that they are getting close to the limit. Make sure you check tire pressure. You can easily do this in most petrol stations when filling up on gas. You need to follow the recommended tire pressure and you can find this on the inside of the driver’s door when open. This is close to the seatbelt.

Checking your engine oil

This is one of those checks you need to open the bonnet before doing. You can find the bonnet release of most modern cars under the dashboard. There are cars that have it in one of the footwells. The dipstick has a clearly marked symbol that is going to let you know whether the oil level is okay or not. You can easily reach it once you open the bonnet. The oil filler and dipstick are clearly marked and even if the layout differs from one car to another, the symbols are similar.

Your engine needs to have the right level of oil because too much or too little is not good for your car. When you pull out the oil dipstick, you can see 2 marks and the level should be between them. If your car has been standing for some time, the level is going to be clear when you pull it out, and can easily tell the level. If the engine has been running, you may need to take a clean rag and wipe the oil off before pushing the dipstick back all the way and then removing it to see the oil level. Make sure you talk to a mechanic or a professional when it comes to changing your oil because different cars use different oils. If you know the right oil for your car, you don’t have to worry.

Engine coolant

You need to first make sure the engine is cold before opening the bonnet and checking the coolant level. The temperature of the engine has an effect on the performance, life, and fuel economy of the engine.

The coolant has clear markings on the outside that show the required levels. It contains a colored liquid which is a mix of coolant and water. In the past, motorists had to add anti-freeze to the water so as to protect the engine from freezing. This has changed because coolants today prevent overheating. It is important to make sure that the concertation is within the right range. You can top up with water when the levels are low but keep in mind it is going to dilute the coolant. It is a good idea to talk to a mechanic or professional to make sure the concentration is right. If it needs to be topped up regularly, it could be a sign of a problem that needs to be fixed.

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This doesn’t like a cost-saving tip, but not being able to clearly see when you drive can lead to a lot of problems and it is very dangerous. You need to check the screenwash while the engine bay is open. In mucky conditions or long journeys, dirt builds up pretty fast on the windscreen and can impair your vision. Look for a bottle cap that has a windscreen wiper symbol that is often blue near the front of the engine bay. Top it up using screenwash detergent and water. You can get the detergent from the local petrol station. This is going to help you clean the windscreen and make it easier for you to see when driving. It is also good for protecting against freezing, which means you can use it in cold conditions.

Windscreen Wipers

The wipers need to work and it is a requirement by law. It is very easy to check. If the wipers are leaving wet streaks on the windscreen that impair vision, then consider changing them. Check the rubber and see whether it has any tears or holes. Run your fingers along the wipers to see if there is anything stuck that is causing them not to work well. It is better to replace the wipers because they are cheap. Don’t risk scratching or damaging your screen trying to use wipers that are damaged with exposed metal arms.