What Are The Six Steps to Make An Ant-Free Home? 

You are one of the fortunate ones if you’ve never seen ants in your home, workplace, or anywhere around you. But, if you’re like most other people, you’ve already battled this nasty pest on occasion. Whether it is a colony of sidewalk ants in your basement, or a line of foul-smelling house ants walking over your kitchen floor, they are a nuisance. However, with Centralia ant control, homeowners can take a few easy measures to lessen ants’ entry. Here are five steps to get an ant-free home. 

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Be aware of the hotspots

There is no surprise that ants are most commonly seen in kitchens and this is because of the food kept in there. Ants are known to gather mostly around heating or air conditioning equipment. They look within walls, bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, living rooms, and other enclosed spaces.

Take away all food sources

Ants will not enter your kitchen if they are kept clean. Wipe off counters and sweep floors regularly to eliminate crumbs and spill residue. Food should be kept in tightly closed, pest-proof containers. Ripe fruit should be refrigerated. Clean sticky containers, particularly those that contain honey, soda, syrup, or other sweets. Finally, cover trash cans with a lid and routinely dispose of rubbish.

Do not undervalue your pets

Pets like cats, dogs, and others may unintentionally let ants into your house.

Pests are drawn to the water and food bowls of pets. Hence, keep them clean and quickly mop up any spills. Instead of keeping dry pet food in the paper bags it usually comes in, replace it. Choose to keep it in a sealed plastic container.  

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Cover up or remove access points

Examine your house’s exterior for locations of the easy entrance. To prevent ant roads within the residence, bushes and trees should be pruned back from the house. Apply silicone caulk to any exterior cracks and crevices to seal them. Pay close attention to any regions wherever utility pipes emerge.


Fighting ants can be difficult without the right training and equipment. You need to eliminate the ants. it may spread. Some ant species, like carpenter ants, can seriously harm your home. Others, like fire ants, can endanger the health of your family. Pungent house ants can contaminate food as well. Hence, follow these steps to make your home ant free.