How to install React on Ubuntu

React, which has also been popular by the name ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2011, this is generally utilized for producing interactive and fast user interfaces. When it is time to write, it’s one of the extensively used and immensely approved JavaScript libraries in order to develop a user interface. React trounces the following counterparts namely Vue JS and Angular in relation to popularity and functionality.

This article is to help you learn the procedure to install React on Ubuntu 20.04 as well as Ubuntu 18.04.

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Required Steps:

  • Step one would be the Installation of an NPM. In order to do that, we start with installing NPM which is an abbreviation of the big-name- node package manager. This requires, in specific, two criteria.

First, this is a tool that is command-line based and is utilized for interactions with packages from JavaScript that allow its users to update, install, and manage different JavaScript libraries and tools.

  • Next, the open-source online software of the NPM registration club which is host to over 8million Node.JS programs. NPM, luckily, is available at no cost and one can easily install software-based applications with ease that are available publicly.

Now, when you are on your way to installing NPM on your NPM based on Linux OS, you have to log in to the server like a pseudo-user invoking a command. When the installation process is finally successfully completed, you can also check to see and verify which category of NPM has been downloaded. The installation process of the node package manager also simultaneously lets you download and install node.js on your computer and likewise NPM, you can also check the version installed.

  • Step two would be the Installation of the creating and react application utility, which enables you for setting up all of the various tools that are essential for creating an Application of React.

It lets you store up a great amount of energy and time to set every single thing from the very beginning and provides you the lead-up required.

  • The last step of the installation process of React on Ubuntu is to Create & Launch your very first React Application of yours.

The process of creating an application based on React is quite easy, effortless & uncomplicated. Upon receiving the command, this will take roughly five to seven minutes to set up all of the libraries, packages, and tools as they are required. You are requested to show a little bit of patience. 

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On successful installation and setting up of the application, you will be notified by a notification below providing the most fundamental and rudimentary instructions that would need for the smooth run and management of the application.

Add on benefits:

The benefit of using create react app in the process of installation of React on Ubuntu is it is the finest and easiest tool that has inbuilt production-grade tools. Along with that, it does not allow you to disorient and alter the configuration if you eject the create react app from the system. The process of setting up a react development environment that would be productive will require other configured tools like web pack which are way more complex for configuration.

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