Why Instagram Insights are so useful for your bussiness?

A new advanced feature on Instagram that accounts will have access now to is Insights. Insights are stats on your Instagram account, followers, and images. It helps to get free Instagram likes. Business accounts have this feature, it is currently available not available large individual accounts, but it may be rolled the line soon. If Insights are available on your account, open it, and click the graph icon top right of your profile.

The primary thing you observe when you open Instagram Insights is an overview such as below.

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At the top of the insight overview screen, you will see various counts. As well as giving the stats for that week, you would be able to watch an increase or decrease shift based on the previous week. If you use insights carefully, you do not have to buy Instagram followers to boost your business.

Impressions – Impressions inform how frequently your photos have been seen across the web. These would not necessarily be unique views.

Reach – Reach is the number of specific and unique people that have seen your content. This informs you of a good idea of how many viewers are looking at your content based on your following.

Profile Views – This is the figure of profile views to your account.

Clicks to your website – For brands and individuals who are hoping to send traffic to their landing pages from Instagram, this is the perfect stat giving you to keep track. For example, if you are selling a product on your website, you can link to it on your profile, and then track how many people are heading there after you mention it.

Posts – In the top posts screen you can overview your top-performing content over the last 7 days in descending order. You can post similar content to your top-performing videos/pics as it is a hint of what the audience is going to like on your account. It is an easy way to get free Instagram likes. 

By pressing the blue text you will have the chance to change the filters, so you can filter by video, or photos reach, impression and engagement, likes and comments, and also a time duration from 7 days to 2 years.

Followers – In the account follower section you can overview how many followers you have, you can observe the ascending or descending followers shifts as well as full information such as age, gender, location, and the reliable time to post based on when your followers are online.

Individual pictures

On every image, you would find a button on the bottom left below the image giving you to open stats for that particular image.

Similar to earlier: 

  • Impressions – Impressions inform how frequently the image has been seen on the web.

  • Reach – The number of particular accounts that have seen your picture.

  • Engagement – The engagement for the content, includes both comments and likes.

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How can Instagram Insights be useful?

Here are some reasons why insights are important to get free Instagram likes.

  1. You upload an image and observe your engagement is lower than normal. You can then look at the reach/impression and determine if the location or hashtags may be the issue, or if maybe the content just is not what your followers want to see.

  2. Insights offer you to track people who are visiting your website. You can even play a trick and ask people to visit your website and then see how people actually do, by keeping an eye on the numbers.

  3. Through the popular pictures screen, you can see which images perform best, and then decide if certain edits, types of content, or locations do better than others.

  4. You can be tactical and only post during the particular times that your followers are online.

  5. Through the Instagram follower screens, you could see what your market is, especially supportive for brands and businesses.

  6. Instagram insights are an easy way to buy Instagram followers for free


For serious Instagrammers and businesses, Insights is going to be a supportive way to view a private account easily and learn about the performance of content and detailed information such as Instagram follower’s active times and locations, which will, in turn, allow you to get free Instagram likes and will contribute to your success. If you need to kickstart your following, you can buy real Instagram followers to increase your engagement even further.