What are the benefits of coworking versus working from home

The safest place for us in this entire world seems to be our home. It can be described as a place where our requirements-social, physical and emotional are met. It is a place we are always longing for. And it takes strength to drag ourselves out of it. However lately the case has been the reverse of what it was. People locked themselves into their homes as the fear of the contagious virus seeped deeper and deeper into their bones. We tried to shield ourselves from everything in the  outside world. Therefore, working from home which was already a trend before the pandemic became widely popular and was used as the only tool to keep the normal functioning of the corporations. 

However, it is not the best option as per the experts. Apart from dwindling down the productivity and efficiency of individuals, it is also responsible for various personality disturbances and hampering mental well-being. Although it has been popular for reasons like no commute, saving of overhead prices, more balanced work- life and lowered carbon footprint; yet it has been criticized for various reasons. 

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A more modern form of a mixed approach that is quite a hybrid of both the poles is coworking. It is a trend where a physical customizable office space is used by and shared by a number of individuals. Initially meant for freelancers seeking a refuge from working from homes and cafes, it is now one of the best options for even conglomerates and multinational corporations. Here are the various reasons as to why coworking space in Hyderabad is preferred over working from home:-

  • Distractions:- Home is a place for one to relax and sit back and spend time with family and friends. But it becomes noisy and clamorous. Having a lot of people around and various bustling activities going on are a source of commotion and distraction to the worker and  divert their attention.
  • Lack of Socialization and business contacts:- Staying at home isolates you from your colleagues and associates that you bond with while at work. This  results in making you timid and keeps you away from the exposure and experience that you gain from interacting with people around you.
  • Compromised security and data breach:- The servers and hardware that are used in our homes are very basic and unprotected. This renders them vulnerable to attacks by hackers thereby resulting in leaking of important confidential information. 
  • Lack of meeting space:- Every time you have an important conversation or a business meeting, you will have to arrange for a place where you have the anonymity as well as the freedom to utilise much time without any interference. iKeva provides you complimentary access to meeting rooms and seminar halls that are equipped with world class facilities
  • Infrastructure and digital equipment:- Modern working requires up to date software and hardware which is rarely available in a domestic environment. You cannot install each and every device in a Home Office. Plug and play offices have this infrastructure readily available in their premises and can be used unlimited and at all times.

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  • Decreased motivation:- When you stay at home for a long time you tend to become lazy and lethargic. Your ability to brainstorm and think laterally blunts overtime and creativity dampens. This happens when you do not challenge yourself and there is no scope for you to learn hard and soft skills through personal interaction with others. This hampers your motivation to set and achieve greater goals. 
  • Demonstrates professionalism:- When your business card has an address of a sophisticated place rather than a residential address, it draws a positive image from your clients and makes your brand trustworthy and reliable. 

The sharp contrast of working from home and working at a coworking space have been outlined. For clear reasons shared office spaces are a better choice rather than home offices. Visit iKeva for a budget friendly yet fully equipped coworking office now.