Top Small Business Remote Collaboration Tools


Companies are making a shift from traditional office work to either a hybrid work-from-home setup or a completely remote arrangement for their employees. Needless to say, this kind of change is a big transition to make. Companies need to have the right remote collaboration tools to have some semblance to an organization in their workflow. These tools include communication platforms, file-sharing services, expense report software, and more.

Top Remote Collaboration Tools for Your Small Business

Fortunately, there are many choices for companies thanks to the massive advancements in the modern-day software industry. However, the number of choices may be overwhelming, so here is a list of tools that are worth your time:

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In this day and age, who has not heard of Zoom? This application is a great communication tool that has been used for quite some to conduct conference video calls, webinars, and more. Although it had some security vulnerabilities in the past, these issues are reportedly fixed now.

Zoom allows its users to host up to 100 participants on its free plan. But keep in mind that you need to restart the call or upgrade your plan if you consistently need more than 40-minutes for your group meetings. You can also use Zoom for one-on-one meetings for 30 minutes per call. It has a screen-sharing feature that you can use for group presentations, onboarding, tutorials, webinars, and more.

If you want to make tracking projects, tasks, and progress easier– is one of the most popular remote collaboration tools out there. has lots of features that can make project management easier. For instance, it can automate repetitive tasks and offer project templates to save you time.

On top of all that, has a discussion board where team members can discuss which can boost team collaborations. It comes with a time-tracking tool that allows you to see progress, task dependencies, and project deadlines. Time trackers will also give you an idea of which aspect of the project takes most or least time so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

Google Workspace

You need a cloud-based space where you and your team can do collaborative work. It is not enough that you send them messages and files through email since that requires several back and forths.

Google Workspace comes with remote collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more. These apps allow teams to collaborate in real-time. Eliminate delays from sending files back and forth through email!

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Google Workspace apps have features focusing on the collaborative revision process which results in increased productivity even in a work from home setup. On the other hand, Filestage focuses on the feedback-approval side of things.

Filestage streamlines the feedback and approval step of projects. You can still have your team use this tool even if you are already using Google Workspace apps because not everyone is expected to work on the task. Your managers and quality control experts are there to leave constructive comments and/or approve an output.

Filestage allows users to leave feedback on documents, videos, audio, and images. This tool lets users upload as many files as needed for projects which makes it convenient even for big tasks.


Some businesses can use some visual material and graphic elements for both internal activities and external engagement. For instance, if you have a new policy, an event, or a new project– your team can benefit from informational infographics. You can also use engaging visual content on your social media platforms to engage with your audience and clients. Venngage is the tool for the job.

Venngage is a user-friendly infographics maker that even beginners can use. But of course, professional graphic designers have an eye for design and can bring more value to the visual quality of the output.

However, Venngage can make the process significantly easier and faster for both beginners and professionals. This tool speeds up the design process for you by providing templates, enabling you to easily add charts or graphics elements, and giving you the opportunity to make customization to the design you have created.


Even if your operations are mostly done remotely, you’d still have to deal with business expenses. Employees would also need to claim reimbursements for office supplies and other work-related expenses that the company cannot provide due to the remote work setup. 

This part is where Fyle comes in. Fyle is an expense report software that simplifies the process of tracking expenses and handling reimbursements. It makes the collaboration seamless between the finance team and employees.

Like Google Workspace,, and the other tools in this list– Fyle is cloud-based which means you and your team can access all your expense data even if you don’t work in the same area anymore.

Tracking expenses and preparing reports come with small but significant tasks. Each one of these steps is critical for creating an accurate expense report, but these little details are mundane and time-consuming. Fyle can help you by taking these tasks off your plate. 

This expense management software enables employees to report their expenses in real-time. It also allows users to attach all the necessary receipts and documents to support their request. Fyle allows finance teams, approvers, and managers to access all employee expense reports anytime and anywhere which helps them approve or complete the reimbursement process.

Fyle can also help the finance team enforce new and current company policies. On top of that, it has features that enable it to detect potential fraud and ensure strict company compliance.

Fyle has a user-friendly interface that will enable you and your team members to access easy expense reporting options, scan receipts with OCR technology, easily track mileage, per diems, and cash advances, and more.

So if you need automatable and customizable expense approval workflows to help you get accurate spend insights and expense data analytics, then the file is the right expense tracking remote collaboration tool for you.

Mockplus Cloud (link to ) is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for business UX/UI teams to collaborate on designs, ship new designs and see the impacts of design work faster. It provides a seamless workflow for design teams to work together and streamline their design process, from ideation to product delivery.

With Mockplus Cloud, users import designs from Sketch, PS, Figma, and Adobe XD and hand off designs to developers with accurate specs, assets,and code snippets. The platform provides collaboration features that enable users to leave comments, discuss designs, and track changes in real-time, promoting efficient communication among team members.
It also allows users to generate design specifications that provide detailed information on the design, including measurements, colors, fonts, and other design elements. This feature helps designers and developers to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the design across different devices and platforms.

Additionally, Mockplus Cloud offers a design system feature that allows teams to create and manage a library of reusable design components, ensuring consistency and coherence in design across different products and projects. This feature saves time and effort by enabling designers to reuse existing components and styles rather than creating new ones from scratch.
Mockplus Cloud is a powerful collaboration tool that simplifies the design process and facilitates efficient communication among design teams. It offers a range of features, including design collaboration, design specifications, and design systems, to help teams create and deliver high-quality products faster and more efficiently.


Transitioning to a work-from-home setup does not happen overnight. You need to prepare the right remote collaboration tools to take on any projects and increase productivity.

Although there are many tools available in the market, not all of them are created equal. Hopefully, this list of effective collaborative tools will help you save time and money.

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Danielle works with Fyle in changing expense management as we know it. She understands how overwhelming the process of tracking cost operations can be, which is why she is passionate about sharing tips, news, and information on how to simplify expense management. Danielle shares information based on her experience with Fyle– an expense management software that helps streamline and automate the pre-accounting process.