The Custom Kitchen: A Guide To Designing Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. Because of the valuable function that it has to offer, designing the kitchen to a suitable taste becomes necessary. 

Planning and designing custom kitchens in Surrey might be overwhelming since it is quite more sophisticated than the traditional pre-made kitchen.

In this post, you will be guided on how to design your custom kitchen.

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The Custom Kitchen

When designing your custom kitchen, you’ll be concerned about choosing the right cabinet, countertop, flooring, and appliances. You’ll also want to give your kitchen the perfect layout. If all of these are done in the right way, achieving your dream custom kitchen will seem flawless.

How to Choose the Right Cabinet Style for Your Custom Kitchen

When choosing a cabinet for your custom kitchen, you would want to consider several features which the cabinet should have. The type, functionality, and layout are some of the things you should put in mind. 

The wooden Cabinet type

The wooden cabinet is most times made from oak, cherry, and maple wood, and they are widely known throughout the world. You will find different shades and colors of the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet can be painted, sanded, and stained like every other wood tool.

The Veneer Cabinet type

These on the other hand are made from two distinct kinds of wood which are usually one expensive and one cheap wood. In essence, this would make the cabinet looks expensive, whereas it is not. The veneer cabinet can also be sanded and painted.

While the wooden cabinet could be a bit heavier, they are most times free from wear and tear if they are made from hardwood. However, if they are made from softwood, they could wear and tear after years just as the veneer cabinet would do.

Cabinet Layout

The layout of a custom kitchen cabinet would depend greatly on how the kitchen is laid out itself. There are U-shaped, G-shaped, L-shaped, gallery, Island kitchen layouts, and so on. 

If you’re considering a wide cabinet, then you would want to check the U or G-shaped kitchen layout function. This is to allow enough space that’ll contain the cabinet.

Ideally, your cabinet should be properly designed to suit your height so you can easily use it comfortably. Overall, your cabinet should meet the functionality purpose more than the beauty purpose i.e. you should design a cabinet that will serve its purpose and not just beautify the kitchen.

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Choosing the best Countertop for your Custom Kitchen

When you are deciding on the countertops to use in your custom kitchen, you’ll want to go for the best. Granite and quartz are the most widely recognized countertops used in a custom kitchen. What do the two types entail?

Granite Countertops

Granite has been widely used in several homes because of its fresh natural look and variety of fine designs. Known for its uniqueness, hardness, and its ability to withstand heat. 

It doesn’t scratch easily and can remain neat and fresh even after several years of use. All of these features have made the granite countertop suitable for large families who constantly use the kitchen every day.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are quite different from granite in that they are artificial.  They are durable and are not porous (They do not get scratched). 

Despite its durability function, the quartz countertop doesn’t withstand so much heat. So it’ll be advisable not to lay a hot pot or other materials on a quartz countertop if you are to maintain it. 

You could get several designs and shades of quartz as there are also several beautiful designs of it.

Quartz and granite countertops are still the most suitable for your custom kitchen. You’ll only need precautions while using both. 

For the best result, if you are choosing granite, make sure you seal it every year or two and if you are using quartz, do not place boiling stuff on it.

Choosing the best Flooring Options for your Custom Kitchen

The type of flooring for the kitchen includes hardwood, tile, and laminate flooring. Of all these, tiles are the most suitable for the kitchen.

Tile flooring is most suitable for your custom kitchen because they do not only give it an adorable look but they are most suitable when it comes to water exposure within the kitchen. 

You can get tiles in several colors, sizes, patterns, and designs. You can also go for the non-slip tiles to reduce or prevent slippery.

Although laminate flooring tiles are durable, beautiful, and stylish, they might not be suitable for your custom kitchen. This is because they might not be resistant to constant water exposure just like a wooden floor.

The Best Appliances for your Custom Kitchen

When designing your custom kitchen, there are some appliances that must be in place. All of these appliances will differentiate your custom kitchen from the traditional ones. Some of these appliances include;

  • Refrigerator:Features like ice maker function, filtered water function, LED lightning, flex zone and flex crisper all make this different from conventional refrigerators.
  • Cooktop or Range top: Consider the size of the cooktop you will be getting based on the space available in your kitchen. There are luxury ones with about eight burner tops that you could choose from.

After choosing that, consider choosing a double oven, range hood, microwave, or dishwasher that will suit your kitchen properly. When choosing all of these items, you could check out for ones that will suit the color/painting of your kitchen so the beauty of the kitchen is maintained.

How to Create the Perfect layout for your Custom Kitchen

Laying out your kitchen requires that you determine where most of your kitchen appliances, cabinets, and countertops will be placed. While doing this, you should note that the laying of a custom kitchen is also dependent on its size. 

Some of the best layout options for your custom kitchen are the U and L-shaped layouts.

If your kitchen is moderately spaced out with two walls, then you can create an L-shaped or triangular structure. This would allow space for your cabinet and countertops. The U-shaped kitchen layout is best if your kitchen is wide.

If you are using a small or a small linear structured kitchen, you could place some of your storage spaces or closet on the wall. All other furniture can be arranged by the wall side so you can allow space in between the kitchen.


Designing your custom kitchen in the right and proper way could provide you with comfort while using it. Planning and giving this room the best structuring and set-up wouldn’t only allow you to enjoy cooking but it will ease it.