How To Promote Your Application With Text Messaging Marketing 

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss the subtleties of text messaging marketing and its role in promoting your mobile application.


If your consumers are currently on their mobile phone scrolling through Facebook on their mobile web browser, advertising your mobile application to them seems like a no-brainer. All your intended users need to do is just click on the ad, go to the download page, and download a new product onto their device. Still, this method has a considerable downside to it, which is the lack of personalization. But you can quickly fix this if you add some elements of text message marketing to your current strategy.  

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How Does Text Messaging Marketing Work?

Customers rarely take action immediately after seeing the mobile app advertisement. Still, if you take care to remind them of your product, they would be more likely to choose your app over others of its ilk. 

Marketing is one of the important startup stages of growth of your mobile app. And to launch an effective text message marketing campaign, you need to review your current client base and identify more target users that might be interested in your app. You need to know your potential customers’ names, emails, phone numbers, and other information that might be relevant for your specific marketing purposes. Once you get a hold of the right customer and unobtrusively remind them of the benefits your digital solution might bring them, you’ll see an upward trend in your app downloads. What’s more, with an up-to-date client base at hand, the overall process of tracking your sales might become faster and easier. 

The Importance Of Being Specific 

As we’ve already mentioned, you should not only capitalize on your current client base but also invest time and effort in acquiring new customers. For this, you should put out feelers and do some market research. The last thing you want is to target random people who have no interest in your app whatsoever and, as a result, lose precious time and, possibly, money. By communicating your messages to a targeted audience, you’ll be able to establish more meaningful connections with users and interactions with qualified leads.

Steps To Successful Marketing 

Now that you know everything about your target users, you might wonder what steps you can take to get the most out of your text messaging marketing campaign. Below are some simple yet effective tips that can help you with that. 

#1 Get Consent 

You want people to associate your app with quality service and respect the value it provides. But this would be impossible if you start bombarding your potential users with ads without having asked for their explicit consent. Otherwise, you may run the risk of losing your reputation and credibility. 

#2 Be Specific

Don’t overload your text messages with verbose phrases and unnecessary information. Target messages should be succinct, to-the-point, and simple. Aim for 180 characters or less if you want to boost your chances of successfully getting through to customers. 

#3 Don’t Be Irritating 

As noted earlier, you want to deliver only the most important piece of news to your customers without bombarding them with promotional or discount offers. Don’t go overboard with your advertising efforts. It would be a wise decision to schedule emails and texts and limit the number of messages you’re delivering to your subscribers. 

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#4 Factor In Your Customer’s Time Zone

Your customer might lose trust in your brand or opt out completely, if you mistakenly send them a message in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Be sure to respect the time zone users are in. Once again, you would be well-advised to schedule texts in advance so you’re not sending messages at random hours and your users don’t feel resentful about your marketing methods.

#5 Give Your Customers A Chance To Opt Out

Unfortunately, customers’ tastes and interests change very quickly. So, there is no point in trapping your users in a subscription if they don’t need your services anymore. Make sure to inform your customers from the start that they can easily unsubscribe if they don’t want to receive any more notifications. This can be done simply by following a link or replying to a message with a certain phrase. If you are transparent and straightforward with your customers, you’ll gain their trust more easily, and your users will be more willing to keep in touch.