The Best Platform Games You Can Play In 2021

Platform games. Who doesn’t love them? They are so simple at their core, and yet so thrilling and exciting we can’t stop playing them. With the most basic mechanics, they grip you with the continuous adventure that they are, literally. With platforms, you never stop until you quit. There are puzzles and mysteries for your brain to pick apart, and ongoing action for your reflexes and mastery to handle. Skill is a big part of these games, and yet they are fun and fast to learn.

They may not have the same popularity among the big crowds as they did ten years ago, but they still represent a few percent of all video games. That means that enough funds go into producing high-quality new games for you to try out. In this article, we are going to discuss both old classics that you can play today and fresh releases that many of us haven’t caught up to yet.

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In this game (spoiler alert series), you control a Spelunker, a man who is exploring wild caves in search of treasuries. The protagonist is engaged in finding gold and other precious metals, while at the same time-fighting enemies, saving ladies, and avoiding traps and pitfalls in the cave. The goal is to exit the cave alive (duh), collect as much money as possible, and also complete the storyline. 

Considered by both critics and players as one of the greatest games of all time, it defined the platform genre up to this very day. Since then, platform games implement many of the same mechanics, gameplay, and features that were once original to the popular Spelunky (that’s actually the guy’s last name). One of the biggest inspirations to the game was the Mario series, and you will notice it in the familiar approach to adventure activities.

My gaming pal from Qatar recently recommended trying out the Spelunky sequel that was just released in 2020. He also wrote a thorough review of how it’s compared to the original title, which we both loved when we were teenagers. Chances are, you played the game at some point too! It’s widely popular and is continuing to have a big loyal fanbase. Check the article he wrote at It’s worth translating with just a couple of clicks with your mouse (another good reason to have Chrome as your default browser).


If you were looking to get amazed by another masterpiece, it’s Limbo. One of the reasons Indie-games are not as popular as mainstream ones is because they are experimental and offer you a completely different experience from what you are accustomed to. It’s great for pioneering and innovation, but not as good for the developer’s revenue if the game fails to conquer a big audience.

With Limbo, it hit the jackpot. This combined several genres that you never thought could coexist together. Platform, horror, and story focus. Previously, we have seen games combine successfully at least two of those, and now we’ve got all three. It’s got a masterful art touch to it, with beautifully drawn and yet simple black-and-white graphics that will keep your eyes on the screen.

It’s more of a puzzling mystery and scary walkthrough than a lot of action and running around. In this platform, you will have to consider your every move, unlike the ones where you run around non-stop. You will have to use logic, reasoning, and all of your brain capabilities and instincts to go through its relatively short plot. Still, it has got a good amount of tense moments that will make you act RIGHT NOW and decide the destiny of your character.

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It’s this black dark world that really scares both you and the avatar of a child you are controlling, and yet you both have to go through this to get to the end of the journey. The visuals will leave an enduring impact on what you get impressed by, and the sudden danger that arrives at the most unexpected time in Limbo will keep you on your toes and tightly holding on to your keyboard or controller. This is the king of all Platform titles.

The duration is quite short, but I believe it’s more than enough to keep this game in your memory for good. And as they say, quality comes first. Every moment of this game is there to deliver you a one-of-a-kind experience, and the horror-like elements may make you jump more than a lot of recently made Horror games out there, even on this carefully curated list.