Standard Chartered Online Banking

The Standard Chartered Bank is the largest international bank in India with 100 branches in 43 cities, and we have been operating here since 1858. The client’s segments include Corporate & Institutional Banking, Commercial & Private Banking, and Retail Banking.

How do Standard Chartered Net Banking works? 

Internet banking makes our work easy and saves time. The new internet banking facility made our life much easier. To activate your internet banking facility, you need to visit the branch, submit the duly filled form, and wait in the queue to receive the kit containing further instructions to activate the facility.

In recent days, you don’t want to visit the bank branch and wait in the queue. You can register yourself for the Net banking facility from home. By this article you will know, how to get chartered account login in easy and few steps. 

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Few steps on how the Online Registration by clicking “Register with Debit Card Number and PIN”:

Step-1: You need to open Standard Chartered Online Banking and select Online Banking in the menu.

Step-2: Now click to Sign-up for Online Banking.

Step-3: You have to check the Terms and Conditions and then click to Accept.

Step-4: You can now Enter your Debit Card Number and PIN, and click “Next” to confirm.

Step-5: To Select “Confirm,” we will send the One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile phone.

Step-6: Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone and click the “Next” button.

Step-7: You can now set your Username and Password and click the “Next” button, then it will be registered.

Step-8: Enter your registered username and password and click the “Login” to enter.

These are the simple steps to create an online registration with a Debit Card Number and PIN. When the registration is done, it will be easy to access.

How to do Mobile Registration by clicking “Register with Debit Card Number and PIN”:

Step-1: Click “Register” on the Login page of Mobile Banking.

Step-2: You have to click and “Register with Debit Card Number and PIN.”

Step-3: You need to check the Terms and Conditions and click to Accept.

Step-4: You have to enter your Debit Card Number and PIN; click “Next” to confirm.

Step-5: Confirm mobile number and select “Confirm,” and we will send the One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile phone.

Step-6: Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile and click the “Next” button.

Step-7:  Setup your Username and Password and click the “Next” button.

Step-8: Now, you can click and Proceed to Login to enter Online Banking.

Awards & Recognition of SCB:

In 2019, the Standard Chartered Bank was recognized as Ranked 2nd for customer experience by Kantar.

In 2018, the bank was awarded as,

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  • It is the Most Innovative Digital Bank in India (International Finance Awards).
  • The Asian Private Banker Excellence in Private Banking India Award.
  • It also won the Social Impact Project of the Year in SiB India (UK-India Awards).
  • The Best Performing Foreign Bank (UTI-CNBC TV18 Financial Advisor Awards).

How do digital banking works?

You need to add a new payee on Online banking / Standard Chartered Mobile and make an instant payment through IMPS. A single mobile app for 24×7 access to all your bank accounts simplifies how you send or receive money.

You need to update your contact details, personal information, and documents such as Aadhaar and PAN through our online/mobile platforms. No need to track bill payment due dates. To register for bill payments, and set a standing instruction on all your utility bills.

You don’t need to carry your card when you go out shopping. Digitize any credit card on supported Samsung phones to tap and pay. 

Investing in Mutual funds on online banking / Standard Chartered Mobile. You can get fund ideas, track fund performance, and complete your investment profile on the go.

You can also use your fingerprint to log in to your Standard Chartered Mobile app. Available on select smartphones. We will always be reachable at our phone banking numbers.

You can even use your voice as your password on Phone banking—no need to remember passwords or answer security questions.


Standard Chartered bank’s best banking facilities are ready to comply with all the digital banking facilities, such as providing an international debit card to the customers and the internet banking services at ease.