Risk of Using Social Media During Your Bike Accident Claim 

Almost everyone uses social media to stay in touch with family and friends. Social media platforms have become a medium to communicate and express our thoughts. However, when you file a bike accident claim, you may have to limit your social media usage as the insurance company will use your posts against you to lower your claim. 

Additionally, the insurance company will also use your old social media posts against you, so you should limit your social media usage until your claim is settled. If you have already committed a mistake, speak to your bike accident attorney, who can help you understand your possible options and protect your claim. 

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Avoid discussing your crash online. 

Whether you have a private or public account, avoid talking or posting anything about your accident online. The insurance company keeps an eye on your social media activity, and if you post anything about your accident online, the company will hold it against you. Additionally, your posts could be used to blame you and reduce your credibility. 

Do not post about your injuries. 

While you recover, you may be feeling better than before. As a result, you may want to express your feelings online. However, never post your recovery or how you are feeling. Your progress can be utilized against you to lower your claim, and the insurance company will be quick to say that your injuries are minor. 

Do not post anything that sounds like an apology. 

Even if you contributed to the accident, you might feel the urge to express your emotions and apologize. But, if you do so, the insurance company will get the motivation to use your apology as an admission of guilt and thereby deny or reduce compensation. 

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Educate your family and friends not to post anything about you. 

Your family and friends will be aware of your situation. In many cases, your family and friend may feel like expressing their sorrow or grief with you. For instance, they may post a picture with you where they mention your accident, your injuries, and compensation, or simply wish you a speedy recovery. However, the insurance company not only monitors your social media profile but will also use posts made by your friends and family about your or your claim against you. Therefore, educate your friends and family not to post about your case, injuries, recovery, or anything in general to protect your claim.