5 Tips to Reduce Email Bounces

In the long run, email bounces, especially hard bounces can damage your sender reputation and flush your email marketing efforts through the drain. But, what are bounces? What types of email bounces are there? And is there anything you can do to reduce them?

Let’s start with what bounces are – they represent the number of emails that didn’t get delivered to the specific recipient. There are soft bounces, which are temporary issues on the recipient’s side, and if you try to send the email again it will probably go through. On the other hand, we have hard bounces. These happen because of invalid email addresses, and no matter how many times you send an email it will never be delivered to this address.

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Now, let’s see what are the five things you can do to reduce your bounce rate, and how an email checker can help.

Segment Your Lists

There’s no way that all of your subscribers are interested in the same thing. Depending on the type of business you’re running, they can be of different genders, ages, professions, with various interests connected to your brand.

This is why you should look out for what your subscribers want and segment your lists accordingly. Not only will this help reduce your bounce rate, it will also help you create a more engaged audience.

Use Double Opt-in

Using a double opt-in means you’re sending subscribers a confirmation email upon signing up, in which they need to click on a link to confirm their subscription. 

This helps you reduce the number of invalid emails, but it also ensures that you’re building an audience that’s truly interested in your content.

Keep Your Lists Clean

Now this is where the email checker comes into play. Use an email verification tool to check your existing lists from time to time. This tool will scan addresses and help you pinpoint which have become invalid since the last clean.

Additionally, you can send a reactivation campaign to those subscribers who haven’t interacted with your emails in a while. If they don’t interact with this one – feel free to erase them from the list.

Monitor the Performance of Your Campaigns

Email bounces and low deliverability rates can devastate your sender reputation, which is why you should monitor your campaigns closely.

Pay attention to the number of bounces, especially the hard bounces, and erase those contacts from your list. You should also check in on the soft bounces and see if they’re repeated. If that’s the case – erase them as well.

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Avoid Spammy Language

Don’t use any type of language that could be considered spammy – not in your subject lines, not in your previews, and especially not in your email body.

Multiple exclamation points, all caps, heavy usage of words like FREE, GET RICH, and so on are detected by email providers as spam, and they can send your campaigns straight to the junk folder.

Wrapping Up

Staying on top of your email bounces isn’t that hard. You just need to track your analytics regularly, and flag any suspicious events along the way.

What are some of the techniques you’re using to reduce email bounces? Let us know!