How Does Local SEO Work? 

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland state of Australia, is a huge city located on the Brisbane River. It is one of the favourite places for holidaymakers due to its amazing vacation spots and famous landmarks. 

Moreover, the city’s wealthy economy draws many businesses and investors who want to establish their brands. Whether you’re running a startup business or operating for quite a while but needs to generate more revenue, you need local SEO Sydney companies to boost your online presence and get noticed by local consumers.

Local SEO or search engine optimization is an SEO technique that can help your business to have a strong presence in local Google search results. Any business with a physical location or serving a particular area can take advantage of what local SEO offers.  

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If you try searching Google for any keyword related to your business and see a map with three listings on the search result, you can benefit from local SEO. All you need is to get in touch with the finest SEO agency in Brisbane and let them help you grow your business. 

How does it work? 

When you search for a keyword on Google, the search engine will check several website signals’ patterns. It can also check the ranking factors like the site’s relevance to get a list of websites based on your search. 

When someone types any word on Google’s search bar, the search engine will search a stored copy of the websites that it has discovered. This copy is known as the Google Index. 

In creating an index, the search engine uses small programs known as “spiders” to search the web. Each spider starts on a single webpage, follows that webpage’s links to get the content on the next web pages, and so on. 

Google will store these webpages that its spiders discovered in its servers, and this is how the search engine builds its index. The spiders will keep crawling on trillions of pages at a very fast pace, discovering more connections and sites and ensuring that the index is updated. 

How does Google rank the search results? 

Google uses different processes to rank tons of sites quickly. These processes are known as algorithms. When you search something on Google, the algorithm will check the index to get a list of sites based on your keywords in organic results. These results are then chosen and ranked according to their relevance, popularity, and prominence that the inbound links have given. 

The algorithm checks on different off-site and on-site factors to know which website is relevant to your search. All relevant websites will go to the list to be ranked by prominence. Then, based on different off-site and on-site factors, the algorithm will choose the best websites that can answer your search. These websites will be at the top of the search engine results page. 

Hiring a reliable SEO agency in Brisbane can improve your website’s link popularity, prominence, and relevance. If the proper elements of your website’s digital footprint are well optimized, it will rank well on search results. 

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The local SEO 

Google’s search algorithm has a proximity factor – Google uses your location when you search for a local keyword or a search with local intent. This automatically happens even if you don’t include the phrase “near me” or your city name in your search. This is why you always get a search result with a list of businesses near your present location. 

Because of mobile internet access growth, most people are now using their smartphones to search the web. With that in mind, local SEO has become vital for every business’s success that offers local services of products.  

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