8 Best WordPress Security Plugins

The WordPress CMS is simultaneously the most popular and most vulnerable CMS – with no discrimination between small blogs or large corporate sites, at least 90,000 hacking attempts occur every minute. Web hosting platforms only offers the basic security service, which is probably why amateurs and experienced site owners are now expressing security risks from Magecart attacks and the like as their topmost concern to be addressed.

A quick solution to this dilemma lies in choosing a WordPress security plugin that offers solutions for website vulnerabilities and malware removal – here are a couple of good ones below!

  1. Astra Security Suite

One of the more efficient WordPress security plugins currently available on the market, Astra Security Suite offers a range of services that provide detailed security. The services range from a highly efficient firewall, malware scanners that work around the clock to detect threats, one-click malware removal, an interactive dashboard that addresses all of the customer’s needs, frequent security audits and pentesting tools, IP and country blocking, etc.

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This plugin promises to identify and solve over 100 varieties of threats, especially against spam and bot-based attacks with security assessments that ensure the code is bug-free.

  1. Wordfence

The Wordfence plugin is quite popular for the WordPress CMS, with features of checking for malware, spam, automatic bots, and providing two-factor authentication for all the users.

An important feature includes scanning the site for potential backdoors which could put the sites at risk, as well as blocking countries and/or IP addresses if problems from these arise frequently.

There is an option for instant email alerts when any suspicious situation is detected.

  1. Sucuri

Equipped with a complete list of features, WordPress sites can benefit from the Sucuri plugin and choose from the basic free version or the premium version with additional features. Both have important inclusions such as security auditing, blacklist monitoring, email notifications, monitoring of all files on the server and the ones uploaded for malicious content, and scanning for malware.

The premium version is supported by third-party features like Google Site Browsing and McAfee Site Advisor.

  1. All in One WordPress Security and Firewall

This is a free plugin with ease in installation and no requirements for coding and development experience for using it. The plugin features security weaknesses, recommendations on preventive measures, and monitoring of account activity.

The plugin also initiates automated backups and automatic fixes on the detection of malware, along with third-party compatibility and email updates.

  1. VaultPress

From the WordPress developer Automattic, this plugin is mainly focused on offering backup services with premium options of real-time and scheduled backups of all posts, media files, and other site content for protection against losses due to viruses.

The plugin also offers general security features like WordPress malware removal and email notifications.

  1. iThemes Security

This WordPress security plugin works on website protection by blocking suspicious users and installing security barriers against brute force attacks. More than 30+ options are currently available in this plugin for your WordPress and site security like bot detection, hacking attempts, detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities, etc.

It also constantly supervises the file system for unauthorized changes, increases security with password protection, and enforces the SSL certification standard for all pages and especially the admin page.

  1. Bulletproof Security

As the name suggests, this plugin comes with a wide array of features that promises comprehensive WordPress security. An important aspect of this tool is that it lets you function from a centralized location, as the maintainer of this module has taken great efforts in bringing together diverse security requirements on one platform.

Other features include one-step installation, full database backups, login security and monitoring against attacks, as well as maintenance mode for frontend and backend requirements.

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  1. Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

You can use this tool for blocking injection-related attacks on WordPress sites, which limits its purview of general protection, but allows it to gain critical acclaim for its ability to block most attacks, which explains its great ratings.

All incoming traffic is scanned, a minimal configuration is required, effective screening of malicious requests, with mandatory regular updates for compatibility, and blocking of SQL injection attacks.

WordPress CMS users have access to a wide range of security plugins, so it boils down to selecting a plugin that best suits the needs of your site and your professional obligations to your customers.