4 Most Asked Questions About Pallets


Whether you’re just starting out or are an established firm in the logistics and transport industry. You need to understand some frequently used terms in the business.

Here’s why:

The lack of an understanding of these terms can cause a lot of operational errors. Especially if you’re a potential employer in a warehouse, you want to get in the know.

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In this article, I will answer 4 of the frequently asked questions about pallets. This way, you not only understand the basic terms but also know how some things work in the industry.

So, let’s get started with…

What Is, And How Does A Pallet Look Like?

Let’s get this straight:

A pallet is a piece of important operational equipment in the industry used in almost all operations. It is used during the storage, movement, and display of goods.

Here’s what it looks like:

By structure, a pallet is a box-like construction of a weight-lifting material joined together. In the making, longer horizontal slaps are crossed vertically by shorter slabs and then joined.


Pallets vary in design/material/size/purpose. By material, there are wooden, metallic, plastic, and carton pallet. Likewise, some pallets are for general purposes while others are special.


When choosing pallets for your business, always team up with your pallet manufacturer. Speaking of manufacturers, I recommend this professional pallet manufacturer in Tennessee.

Moving on:

What Is A Block Pallet?

Block pallets are a special type mostly used in the US. They are adopted as the US standard because of their high weight capacity.


Block pallets have an upper, lower, and middle section held together by solid load-bearing supportive blocks. By measure, they range between 110cm × 110cm and 100cm × 120cm.

Now know:

The weight your block pallet will carry is largely dependent on the thickness and material of the block.

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Next up…

What Are The Benefits Of The Different Types Of Pallets?

Quick one:

Carbon pallets are light in weight. They are the best when shipping your fare by air. They are also the cheapest and are recyclable for reuse.


Metal Pallets are naturally resistant to pest invasion, unlike wooden pallets that are mostly destroyed by insects. The only downside to metal pallets is their heavy weights.

Speaking of wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are the most used pallets because of their simplicity, strength, and how easy they are to repair.


Plastic pallets are mostly used for the display of goods due to their natural beauty. But you’ll also find them in warehouses as storage supports for perishable goods.

Moving on…

What Are Loading Meters?

First thing:

Loading meters are basically the measurement unit used to calculate the space taken by some special goods. These goods are special because nothing must be stacked on them.

Another thing:

At times, loading meters are used to calculate space in which nothing must be load. Whether in the transportation truck or the warehouse.

Here’s the loading meter formula: Length of space × Width of space ÷ 2.4.