Citizenship by Investment: What value can Global Passport provide you? 

If you want second citizenship, opting for citizenship by investment is the way to go. This option allows you to live as a citizen of the country you choose. You will receive the same rights as native citizens through this citizenship.

There are several advantages to opting for citizenship by investment. More and more people are seeing the benefits of dual citizenship now.

There’s reason to believe even more countries will adopt this dual citizenship route. So what makes this citizenship option attractive the world over? Let’s find out the features of having a global passport.

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It’s Not Only For the Wealthy

A common misconception about citizenship by investment is that it’s for the wealthy. But the good thing is that this opportunity can be availed by anyone. There are several ways to get such citizenship. What matters the most here is to fulfill the criteria needed to receive citizenship.

Business owners can apply for dual citizenship with citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes. The same goes for investors looking for global opportunities. You can apply for CBI schemes even if you’re not an investor. Anyone wishing to travel the world without spending too much can apply for these schemes.

Besides, these schemes aren’t always expensive. The cheapest citizenship by investment schemes are often as good as the costliest. People investing in these schemes can receive their passports within months. It takes around 3 months to receive your passport after you invest a lump sum here.

These schemes include various benefits for all kinds of applicants. The main benefit that attracts users here is visa-free travel. You can save hundreds of dollars each year on visa applications with the help of a global passport.

Another highlight of these schemes is that they’re tax friendly. That goes to show that it’s not for wealthy applicants alone. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of not having to pay too much in taxes.

Many people find it convenient to move to another country in times of economic downturn. Those wanting to improve their finances can move abroad with a global passport.

This is pretty useful for those with limited finances at their disposal. Also, a foreign land often presents varied growth opportunities for individuals. So, it’s easy to see why people of all economic classes find CBI schemes attractive.

As long as you’re making a monetary contribution to the country, it doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy here.

It Allows You to Invest in the Future

One of the main reasons people opt for citizenship by investment is that it allows them to invest in the future. Few people are aware of the fact that they can pass on citizenship rights under this scheme.

So, if you invest in your citizenship, you can pass these rights to your future generations by descent. It will be like investing in their futures as well as yours. Thinking along these lines will help you gain an idea of the returns on your investment.

For instance, consider moving to Turkey, one of the few countries offering a CBI program. However, it can be challenging to get citizenship unless you invest in the economy. If you don’t want to invest, you’ll need to work in the country for at least five years before you receive citizenship.

There are several other conditions attached to citizenship without investment. But, with a CBI scheme, this isn’t the case. The scheme makes it much easier for you to get citizenship for your kids and secures their rights.

As for yourself, you can opt for dual citizenship by investment. In this way, you needn’t give up the citizenship of your native country if you don’t want to. You can then enjoy the advantages of being a citizen of both countries.

These advantages include property ownership rights. It also includes ease of travel between your native country and chosen country. Double taxation may be an issue here, but it’s not always applicable.

In most cases, getting approval for dual citizenship takes ages. Besides, it’s a complex process to get citizenship in more than one country. With investment-based schemes,however, this process is a lot easier.

You can make your family’s future better than their current lifestyle with these schemes.

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Diversified Investment Opportunities

Another advantage of CBI schemes is that they offer you various investment opportunities. Dual citizenship would allow you to invest in businesses across the world. If you wish, you can invest in startups in these countries.

 As of now, nine countries are offering direct citizenship based on investment programs.

What matters is making the most out of the investment opportunities available to you. The ease of travel will allow you to learn about the practices prevalent in more than one country. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and tune your business acumen.

If you’re running a business, it might be easier for you to travel for work in more than one country. You could even consider opening a new branch of your company in another country.

The best citizenship investment options make this possible. These options need you to invest in government ventures and funds. The governments of some countries choose the funds for you to invest in.

Once you invest in these funds, your path toward achieving citizenship becomes easier. Also, your investment in these funds may present you with great returns in the long run. These are safe investments with assured returns.

They would provide good financial support if you were to move to another country. In this way, they help cement your footing in a new land with new opportunities at hand.


Citizenship by investment schemes are great for those looking to diversify their investments. These schemes allow you to receive dual citizenship without waiting too long.

In most cases, it takes years to receive citizenship in countries around the world. But, with citizenship by investment, it’s a matter of months. The incentive to invest in different economies is pretty rewarding.

You get to enjoy the benefits of citizenship along with the returns on your investment. Besides, various agencies offer you consultation to get this citizenship option at affordable rates. 

So, it’s accessible for most people wanting to move to another country. The eligibility criteria for these citizenship programs is pretty easy to fulfill as well.