30 already? Here are the top Six investments you should make

To become a successful investor, you need to target long-term investment goals. Focusing on the market trends and short-term investments will take you nowhere as an investor. No particular age can guarantee you to become a successful investor. It is all about having an experience, as the more profit or loss you will face in your investments, the more you will learn. 

Before investment, analyze the amount you can afford to lose. So, even if the investment does not turn out to be good for you, you can bear that loss. It will keep you safe from any financial crisis. 

Also, you must gain an in-depth understanding of the marketplace where you want to put your money. Consult with relevant and experienced investors who can provide useful and latest market insights. 

Without any delay, let’s find out some top investment tips that you can consider in your 30s. 

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Investing in Cryptocurrency

The rise of cryptocurrency investment has gained the attention of many investors. But you can expect to become a millionaire overnight through crypto investment. 

You must understand different technical aspects, such as market capitalization and valuation of particular digital tokens. It will help you make the right investment decisions and achieve outstanding returns. 

Also, before investing in a particular cryptocurrency, you must know the value of the particular coin in your local currency. You can also choose to trade in crypto to fiat pair. Bitcoin is currently the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market value and capitalization. So, as a US-based investor, if you want to trade bitcoin to USD, you must know the value of BTC in USD to take steps accordingly. 

You need to know that due to the decentralized nature of the crypto market, the value of different digital coins changes rapidly. Therefore, you need to make decisions quickly as you cannot expect the same value of crypto assets daily. 

The high-risk crypto markets give you high rewards, so if you are willing to take such risks, crypto investment can bring profitable results. 

Clearing High Debt for Investment 

Although paying off your debt is not an investment tip, if you are in heavy debt, then you must look to clear it in your 30s. How can you even think about putting your money somewhere else when you have to pay a massive amount of debt? 

If you have a debt with a lower interest rate, it could be safe to keep it, but it is better to get rid of it. On the other hand, a higher interest rate will not allow you to grow financially, so you need to clear it as soon as possible to invest your money elsewhere. 

One of the best ways to clear the debt is to set a monthly budget for it. No matter what happens, you should keep the debt expenses separate and not use them at any cost. 

Investing in a Property 

Not everyone can afford to buy a house, but this is something you should target in your 30s if you want to have financial freedom. Having your own apartment or a house can save your monthly rent expenses. 

It means that by saving a certain amount every month, you can use that money for investment. Furthermore, the resale value of your house will also increase with time. So, you can consider selling it and investing that money in a property with a higher market value. 

Buying a house allows you to develop equity while living on rent will only make you lose your money each month. Also, you need to look for a neighborhood with good growth potential. When the value of your home increases, your chances of achieving good ROI will also become brighter. 

Buying a rental property can also turn out to be profitable for you. For example, by receiving the home rent, you can earn a fixed amount every month. A regular income can strengthen your financial position so that you can look for other growth-driven investment opportunities. 

Consider Tax-Advantaged Accounts 

You must consider tax-advantaged accounts for investments. These accounts are designed to help you make investments for your retirement plan. You can consider it as a saving plan that offers tax benefits such as tax exemption. 

Tax-advantaged accounts are known for retirement savings, education, and health expenses. Some common investments you can consider while having a tax-advantaged account are managed funds, stocks, bonds, and real estate investment trusts. 

Stock and Index Funds 

As mentioned above, tax-advantaged accounts allow you to invest in stocks, so you should consider stock-based index funds investment. Stock investment may seem risky, but you should not be intimidated. 

You should not worry if you have a diverse portfolio with companies of different industries and sizes. If you put your money in index funds with plenty of stocks, your growth rate will increase with time. 

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Bond Investment 

Compared to stocks, you do not have to worry about price fluctuations regarding bond investment. Bonds work like a loan to particular companies or governments as they are not linked with a fixed interest rate.

The return of bond investment is lower than other investments, but you can consider it safer than stocks. So, bond investment deserves a place in your portfolio. 


To make an investment, firstly, you need to consider your budget and available resources. You can not just jump into the investment market without any plan. After assessing your financial condition, you must create a foolproof plan and set realistic goals. It would be best if you stayed consistent with the efforts that will help you achieve your financial objectives. 

Remember that every investment opportunity is different from the other. Unless you do not understand its technical aspects, you can not make the right financial decisions. Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency or bonds, you need to be aware of that particular market so that you can take the right steps. 

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right investment decisions that will help you secure your future.