Affordable Countries to Consider When Relocating for Retirement

Even when you’re working, it’s important to start planning for retirement. Otherwise, it might not be possible to afford your golden years when they finally arrive. Because affordability is a significant factor for most retirees, it’s often a viable solution to relocate for retirement to a more affordable region. 

Some regions offer appealing pensioner programs, while others are known for overall affordability. When it comes to determining the right destination for you, consider your budget in comparison with the cost of living. In addition, it’s also essential to assess the quality of life, safety, and climate. That said, health insurance is necessary for those planning to retire abroad to gain access to quality medical care. 

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We’ve listed the top-rated countries to consider when relocating to stretch your retirement savings. 


It’s possible to live in Portugal for as little as $1,100 to $1,300 per month, making it a financially comfortable lifestyle possible for retirees. Moreover, Portugal is home to breathtaking beaches, historical sites, and an all-around warm climate. The region also ranks fourth on the Global Peace Index and boasts substantially low crime rates. 

The Philippines

With its relatively low cost of living and must-see tourist hotspots, the Philippines is an excellent choice for retirement. You’ll enjoy a tropical retirement area with coastal attractions nearby and surrounded by dense nature. Even in the metro, you can find a comfortable apartment for rent in Muntinlupa that’s relatively affordable. Some houses for rent cost between $800 to $1,200 per month and includes housing and utilities. 


The average cost of an apartment in Malaysian cities is around $280, while the housing costs are lower in areas surrounding the cities. English is also a widely spoken language in Malaysia, so expats don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Aside from its cost of living, Malaysia is also another popular retirement destination thanks to the incredible natural landscaping.


Spain is another European region that’s an excellent relocation spot. This region ranks well for both living costs and quality of life. Moreover, crime rates are pretty low, and housing is plentiful. A few great reasons to choose Spain for retirement include affordable living, a peaceful lifestyle, pleasant weather, and vibrant culture and heritage. 

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Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica won’t cost you much, as the average rental goes for around $610 per month. In addition, a local restaurant meal will cost you about $7 and the region ranks well on the Global Peace Index. Costa Rica is also a top-rated tourism hotspot, so you can rest assured you’ll have the opportunity to spend your twilight years in tropical bliss. Moreover, the locals are also friendly and welcoming, so you’ll find it reasonably easy to adjust and make new friends. 

With so many vacation hotspots to consider for your second home, relocating for retirement is a worthwhile consideration. Moreover, other appealing benefits that relocating for retirement offers expats include access to affordable healthcare and amazing sites and natural wonders within reach.

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