Tips For Driving Safely In The Dawn And Dusk

It does not matter if you are the most skilled and careful driver on the road; you can still end up in an accident. You can handle your vehicle and follow the traffic laws. However, you cannot make other drivers do the same. Careless drivers are plenty, and there are always chances of getting involved in an accident because of them. 

The risk of a car accident increases during dawn and dusk due to visibility issues. Thankfully, following some tips can ensure your safety. If you still get into an accident, you can hold the responsible party accountable and recover your damages. A Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer can help you start the legal procedure. 

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Tips for driving safely in the dawn and dusk 

  • Turn on your headlights. 

People normally use headlights to see their paths clearly. However, that is not the only use of them. Along with providing better visibility, headlights make it easy for other vehicles to spot you on the road. Many newer models of cars nowadays have automatic headlight options but remember to not depend on them completely. Use the switch to turn on the headlights for added protection manually. 

  • Avoid driving while fatigued or drowsy. 

It is common to feel fatigued or drowsy either due to lack of sleep or rest during dawn and dusk. Driving while tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving. When you are tired, your judgment may be impaired, and your reaction time also slows down. If you feel sleepiness during these hours, it is best to avoid driving. If you must drive, you should get enough sleep the night/day before. 

  • Dim your dashboard lights. 

The bright dashboard lights can cause visibility issues and make it challenging to view the road. Human eyes are often not able to adjust between the bright dashboard lights and the dark road. 

Turn down your dashboard lights until your eyes can clearly see the road, but make sure you can still read the gauges. However, make sure to do this before you start driving or when you are parked. Adjusting the lights while driving can cause distracted driving. 

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  • Stay alert for pedestrians, bicyclists, and animals. 

Joggers, bicyclists, and animals are common during dusk and dawn. Drivers must take extra care and stay on high alert as walkers and bikers can be hard to spot. One way to take caution is to ride carefully and slowly around schools, residential neighborhoods, and any other area with high foot traffic in Cedar Rapids. 

If you travel in rural areas, be sure to look out for wild animals. Investing in a pair of good night vision goggles can help avoid sudden surprises. 

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