A Guide To Recover Acer Monitor Black Screen

Acer, based in Taiwan, is recognized for producing some of the world’s most powerful computers. However, even the most excellent computers might have problems from time to time. Many people, for example, complain about seeing a black screen on their Acer laptop after turning it on. Don’t worry if you’ve also experienced the acer monitor black screen of death; it’s a relatively frequent problem. Because it might occur due to hardware or software issues, you should take a step-by-step approach to resolve the issue. This article will show you how to solve the Acer black screen problem like an expert:

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Common Reasons for acer monitor black screen:

Several customers have reported that acer laptop blue light on but the screen is black for a brief period. This behavior has been observed to occur regularly, ranging from every second to every few minutes. Several users reported this problem either while utilizing graphics heavily or at random. There is no formal declaration from official sources, according to the study. This section will go over the possible causes of this problem on your acer monitor.

PSU failure:

The most common cause of acer monitor black screen on your display is the Power Supply Unit. Because this provides power to your motherboard, it’s conceivable that the correct voltages aren’t being delivered.


It’s possible that the video connection connecting your acer monitor, whether HDMI or VGA, is broken or damaged. When touched, this generally results in a black screen, although it can sometimes happen at random.


If you have a dedicated GPU installed and the monitor is linked through it, it may cause issues if it is broken or not correctly plugged in.


Overclocking might benefit certain users who want to increase their core power, but it can also have drawbacks, such as the one discussed below.

Graphics from a third party:

If third-party graphics boosting features (AMD or NVIDIA) are used, they may not sync with the operating system and create problems.

Power options:

The quantity of power your computer consumes and when it stops consuming is determined by the power settings in your system. If these power settings do not match your consumption, you may experience the monitor going dark.

Bad drivers:

The fundamental driving force in linking your operating system to the hardware is graphics drivers. If they are obsolete or corrupt, it will hamper communication, and you will face many problems.

Common ways to recover acer monitor black screen:

Your Acer monitor has a black screen, and the screen is occasionally black after the logo? Don’t be concerned. These typical remedies might help you solve your acer monitor black screen issues.

Reset your laptop:

Many customers report that power resetting solves the Acer black screen problem. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Switch off your computer.
  • Remove the AC adapter cord, hard drives, batteries, and any other peripheral devices that are connected.
  • Before releasing the Power button, hold it down for 30 seconds. During this time, your laptop will switch on and off.
  • Replace the battery and connect the charger. Then unplug everything else.
  • To turn your laptop on, press the Power button as usual.

Update the driver for your graphics card:

The black screen on your devices, such as acer predator black screen, might be caused by a missing or obsolete graphics card driver in your laptop, so check to see whether your graphics drivers are up to date and replace any that aren’t. You may manually search for and download the most recent version of your graphics driver from the manufacturer’s website. It necessitates both time and computing expertise. If you’re confident in your computer skills, we recommend this.

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Virus and malware detection:

If your system has been infected with a virus or malware, your Acer laptop screen may go black. So, check your complete Windows system for viruses. Yes, it will take some time to accomplish, but it will be well worth the effort. Unfortunately, Windows Defender may fail to identify it; thus, another antivirus application, Avira or Panda, should be used instead. If malware has been found, follow the antivirus program’s instructions to remove it. Then restart your computer, as usual, to verify if the black screen issue has been resolved.

BIOS Upgrade:

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a computer operating system. It’s a piece of software that lives on a bit of memory chip in your computer’s motherboard. The BIOS on your computer or laptop is used to discover and troubleshoot hardware problems. To upgrade your BIOS, go to the Acer support page and look for your Acer laptop model’s BIOS file. To upgrade your BIOS, download it to your USB drive and follow the Acer instructions.

How to Recover Lost Data Caused by acer monitor black screen with Recoverit:

Users may wind up resetting their systems to solve the acer monitor black screen of death since it might be a critical issue. You may lose some crucial system or user files due to this operation. You may recover them with a dependable recovery program like Recoverit Data Recovery. Experts recommend it for data recovery in various situations, including unintentional deletion, Recycle Bin recovery, virus assault, and so on. Because the application supports all major data formats and computers, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Now you have to do is install Recoverit Data Recovery and follow the instructions:

Step 1: Select a scanning source:

To begin, open Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer and pick a place to scan from the program’s main page. It may be any disc, partition, or even a specific folder that you want to check.

Step 2: Wait for the procedure to finish:

To fix a picture, click it. You may even choose many pictures to improve at the same time. To continue, click ‘Repair.’ click the ‘Repair’ button to see a corrected image once you’ve seen all the selected photographs shown in the box. It’s straightforward and quick!

Step 3: Recover your deleted files

When the procedure is finished, it will accurately classify the extracted data. You may also use the built-in filters to choose the files you want manually.

Why Use WonderShare Recoverit?

It is suggested that you choose Recoverit Data Recovery since it is the best file recovery software available. You can effectively, safely and recover damaged files from a computer, USB hard drive, or memory card. It also helps to recover files that have been damaged or lost due to a virus assault, a software breakdown, or a power outage. You may also recover any data or file with a high success rate and no quality degradation.

Features of Recoverit

The following are some of Wondershare Recoverit’s key features:

Scanning files quickly:

Most software tools to retrieve important information and data are pretty sluggish. It might be a big productivity issue because it will affect your capacity to meet impending deadlines.

All data formats are supported:

Data does not always originate from a single source. It’s unrealistic to anticipate all of the photos you’ve shot or downloaded. JPEG or.PNG are the two most used image formats. Specific software solutions may better support only a few data types.

Independent of Windows and Mac OS:

Most data recovery software solutions are designed for a single operating system. Other users who wish to access their services but don’t have a suitable operating system may be at a disadvantage due to this. Recoverit Photo Recovery, on the other hand, works with both Windows and Mac OS.

Cons of WonderShare Recoverit:

  • This data recovery tool’s preview functionality supports not all file types.
  • While running in the background, Recoverit reduces hard drive reading and writing speeds, resulting in sluggish system performance.

Final Words

After reading this article, it anticipates that you will be able to quickly and resolve the acer monitor black screen problem. Because there might be a variety of causes for the Acer computer’s black screen, this tutorial includes some solutions. To repair the Acer monitor black screen problem, you might have to attempt a few of these options. Also, if you lose any essential files during the procedure, you may quickly recover them by using Recoverit Data Recovery.