3 Sales Recruiting Tips to Hire Top Sales Performers

I feel like there is a disconnect between what Sales managers are told about how to find the best sales professionals and what they actually do. As if being in charge of hiring, training then leading new hires wasn’t enough responsibility for one person.

I’ve been paying attention to all these stories from companies I work with who have hired not-so-successful -or even horrible sales recruiters because their company was desperate…as an industry veteran myself, I’ve seen first hand where many organizations make common mistakes when it comes time for choosing which scripts or questions should be asked during interviews.

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Complete Process

One of the first things that hiring managers do when they’re looking for someone new to join their company, is asking all potential employees standard interview questions. These are often designed so as not only can you answer them on paper but also in an oral presentation or over Skype video call if necessary (which some jobs require).

A big part about being successful at sales comes down to having good communication skills – which means knowing how closely aligned your speaking voice sounds with what’s written down! This might seem like a simple thing but there have been studies proving how important this is.

Hire For Strength

In my opinion, most companies’ interview processes select “safe” candidates. Although these safe hires lack weaknesses and can be a little boring for some people to work with because they don’t venture off the beaten path very often-they also have an underwhelming array of strengths which may make them difficult at first glance but in reality makes working together much more interesting as well.

Companies often hire “safe” candidates for company positions. These individuals lack the weaknesses that could be used to their advantage, but they also miss out on all of those strengths which makes them less than ideal employees in my opinion.

The interview process at many companies is designed so as not only select people based on what you can offer now or have done before-but rather more heavily weight criteria related with how well behaved someone may behave themselves during working hours.

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Set the Tone

As a part of the interview process, we share our steps with candidates in writing. We verify their sales numbers and wage earners to ensure they are who they say they are by checking for discrepancies or errors before accepting them onto staff so that if there’s an issue later on down the line it will be easier than ever-to get answers.

It may feel strange at first but one way you can protect yourself against any future problems is looking out for red flags during every stage – starting from applying through hiring; this ensures nothing slips past unnoticed due diligence