8 Ways Technology Makes Finance Management Easier

The development of online financial tools and the advent of the internet continue to alter how we conduct business. It is now simpler than ever for small business owners to conduct daily operations, track financial transactions, and evaluate performance, thanks to the emergence of web-based and online applications. Web-based tools are accessible for free or at a very cheap cost, in contrast to the more expensive software packages that businesses have been utilizing.

However, new technology has been introduced for our ease. Here are a few crucial areas to think about that will save expenses and boost efficiencies if you are currently utilizing outdated technologies and believe it is time to update your company.

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  • Real-Time and Quick Payments

A single neglected credit card payment or energy bill could throw your entire month’s budget. Thanks to virtual wallets and mobile payment systems, everyone can now make payments in real time without leaving their office or bedroom. Most mobile payments also have schedule capabilities that enable a person to arrange payments per their own needs. These payment methods and virtual wallets also provide greater personal privacy when conducting financial transactions to protect consumers from identity theft and other cybersecurity-related problems.

  • In-pocket Financial Consultants

Many financial management applications, websites, and software available in the market leverage user behavioral data and transactional data to give users useful financial advice. For example, a lease accounting software aids lessors in managing the accounting and reporting facets of their leased assets. Such software, websites, and apps can assist a user in a variety of ways, including alerting them when they are overspending or running their account balance low, setting up payment reminders, etc. Additionally, robo-advisors can aid a user in automating savings.

  • Inventory Management

When did you last look over your inventory? Apply the 80/20 rule if you’re unsure. If 80 percent of your inventory is sitting empty, taking up space and costing you money to finance, just 20 percent of it is turning.

The secret to operating a successful business may lie in effective inventory management. You must first be aware of what you already have in stock before deciding whether to alter the price or increase inventory. Programs for managing inventory online can do just that. Companies with numerous warehouses or retailers with numerous locations may find an inventory management program beneficial. Businesses can gain from the most recent software when several employees monitor product orders, sales, returns, and availability. Programs for inventory management also reveal which goods are slow-moving and have to be manufactured or ordered less frequently.

  • Option Of Online Payments

Companies’ options for accepting payments were previously more constrained both for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Small business owners who previously could only accept cash or checks may now easily take credit cards and online payments owing to modern technology.

Small businesses that previously only accepted cash are now enabled to accept credit cards by merely utilizing a smartphone. Credit card payments made from a phone can be processed using devices like the Intuit GoPayment scanners. A flat % fee is charged for each transaction. Businesses of any size can take credit card payments online using platforms like PayPal and Google Checkout if a client pays from another location.

With the advent of eChecks, payments made by check can now be received online from distant locations. Customers can submit their check information online via a form, including the account number, routing number, and check number. An online database then evaluates the data and notifies the firm as to whether the check is valid or not in a matter of seconds. By removing the chance that checks will bounce or purchases will be made from a closed account, this solution can help company owners feel less nervous about accepting checks.

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  • Deposit Management

The procedure of depositing a digitally scanned check online is known by the formal designation of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) used by banking institutions. Business owners and managers can use a computer, scanner, and remote fund transfer capture software to deposit with RDC, or they can use a third party. The bank can almost immediately send digital copies of the check to another bank to check the funds and conduct the necessary withdrawals and deposits after receiving the digital check. Along with being practical and time-saving, this gadget also lowers the time and effort associated with driving to the bank to make deposits. This is specially true for bigger businesses that frequently use a courier service or an armored vehicle to complete the work.

  • Improved Mobility

No longer is it necessary to deposit or withdraw cash during banking hours to fulfill obligations or meet personal financial requirements. Nowadays, practically all financial activities can be easily completed using a smartphone or other mobile device. This is the age of mobile banking. Most banks and other financial institutions provide their customers the convenience of mobile apps that may be used to complete a variety of operations, including paying utility bills, sending money to another person, making online payments, and more.

  • Better Decision-Making  

Making wise and strategic financial decisions is simpler than ever today, thanks to system-generated reports, statements, and insights. The majority of budgeting tools, investment applications, and robo-advisors have high-quality analytics that may give users precise data to aid in making financial decisions. These days, getting the necessary data and information to handle your money as effectively as feasible is simple.

  • Information And Data Accessibility

Anyone with a mobile connected to an active internet connection can obtain all their necessary financial data and information remotely. All information, including bank account balances, payment statuses, investment updates, and monthly statements, is readily available on the relevant apps. It keeps a person informed about their present financial situation so they can make smart and successful business decisions.


Adopting online solutions to manage financial operations and activities can be relatively easy and inexpensive, and your organization will gain several advantages as a result. These technologies help businesses save time and money and make it easier to track daily operations, allowing them to make better financial decisions. Most importantly, they can assist in enhancing cash flow.