7 Tips to Empower Your Staff

Employees look to their leaders and managers to make right decisions that can positively impact them. Hence, it’s very important that the employees are empowered to make such important business decisions. However, many leaders are not sure about how they can empower their staff without giving them the promotion, monetary raise, and complete autonomy. However, there is so much a leader may do to facilitate the employee empowerment by giving them custom trophy and encourage them and boost their morale.

  • Recognize efforts & reward successes.

To make you employees feel confident to make decisions and take initiative is to just reward those who take the challenge. Recognizing their efforts is an ultimate motivator, since it encourages your staff to continue doing such work and inspire other members to follow the suit. It allows you employees to know that their opinions and thoughts are appreciated and valued, and making them to speak up.

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  • Reward employees for their effort and hard work

Showing your appreciation for the work done well makes it likely that they will try to do it again (maybe much better). It can encourage your staff to continue to take action, be innovative, as well as solve problems. Never be stingy with thank you’s and custom trophy.

  • Consider open communication

When your employees feel that they easily can communicate with their manager or leaders, they are likely to feel satisfied, motivated and valued at work. Finding an employer who listens to any concerns or questions is a bit harder, hence make your company & leadership style to stand out with your effective communication

In order, to encourage clear and open communication, you must give your employees an opportunity of sharing the feedback on the company-wide projects. Never forget to include each team if possible and consider taking monthly meetings just to remind your staff about where they exactly fit within a higher scheme of things. Once they see that their work is making a strong impact, they get empowered for doing more.

  • Let your employees work on the special projects

Everybody feels the sense of empowerment and fulfillment when they get to learn something new & work with the new people. Getting your employees to work on any special projects won’t just reinvigorate them, but it will help them to connect to your company’s bigger purpose.  Since they’re been exposed to the new people, skills and leaders they can see clearly how their work has impacted the organization. 

  • Give your employers variety

When you give your staff variety of projects to work on, it will drastically improve their job satisfaction. There’s also a higher change that they may become highly motivated and contribute towards the success of your organisation and sense of opportunity for your organisation. It will definitely show better results once you start doing in a way they want it.

  • Give productive feedback

When you are debriefing on any particular project, be specific and thoughtful when giving any feedback. Telling somebody that they did a very “good job” will not give them direction on what to do in the future. It is very important that you stay a bit specific about your actions and attitudes that you want to see repeated & impact that it had left on others.

  • Give praise & recognize strengths

Whereas employees must be motivated intrinsically for doing a very good job, still there has to be the aspect of humanity in a workplace. Basically, every employee requires frequent feedback & praise. Also, they would like to know if their hard work and efforts are getting appreciated and their work does not go unnoticed. Also, you might think you do not have budget for such, but praise & recognition does not always mean giving monetary rewards. 

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Final Words

In order to encourage clear and open communication, you must break your echo chamber and give your employees an opportunity of sharing the feedback on the company-wide projects. improve your business efficiency, instead of micromanaging your staff, employee empowerment is about giving them the freedom independence to thrive with your help and guidance. Mistakes can be viewed as the lessons learned, and challenges can be seen as the chance to grow. 

If implemented in a right way, the employee empowerment helps the workers to feel comfortable developing strong professionals in a company. Sometimes easiest way of empowering your employees is giving up the control. Not just does it put higher power in the employees’ hands, but builds the sense of faith between the employers and employees.


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