Joining different ideas into one: Catching and creating similar images for websites

What is the one thing that catches your attention on a website? Well, we all know that the answer to this question is images. Creating an eye-catching image is the only way you can add to your website’s attraction. 

Adding images to your website is a sophisticated job, and you can easily commit image plagiarism if you are copying images from other sources without authentication. The most common way of getting images today is by downloading them from the web. 

You should know that image plagiarism can cost you a fine of thousands of dollars, and so if you want to avoid this fine and the accusation of image plagiarism, you should read this post.

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In this post, we will tell you about the different ideas that you can use to catch or create the perfect images for a website. 

Ideas for creating images for a website!

If you are wondering where to find images for a website, then you must try these ideas for sure.

Get stock images

There are tons of image stock websites that you can find on the web. These websites can provide you all sorts of images relevant to every niche and genre, and so this can ease out your work of finding the relevant image content. Here you should know that you can purchase the images from the website, and you can also download some of them for free. Many online image stock websites can be used for this purpose. Here we have named some of the famous ones:

  • Dollar Photo club
  • iStock photos
  • shutter stock
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay 

Download creative commons images

Creative common images are vastly being used across the globe, and for those of you who don’t know about these images, you must know that these images are licensed in such a way that anyone and everyone can use them. The copyrights of the picture would still be attributed to the original owner, and you would be giving credits to the owner in your captions. Some of the popular websites for getting creative images are Flickr and Wikimedia commons.

Start your image library

You can always create your gallery, which has become so much easier because of smartphones’ availability. The majority of us are carrying out devices that can capture good pictures, so we recommend you start your image library.

Edit images before use

Using images can be accused of committing plagiarism, and so if you want to avoid this accusation, we would recommend you manipulate the downloaded images before publishing them. Editing an image is easier than creating a new one, thanks to the modern image editor tools. There are tons of image editing websites and applications on the internet, but you must pick reliable and easy-to-use ones. The best image editor tools belong to Canva and PicMonkey.

Size images for your website

When you find images to upload on your website, you must make sure that you are careful about the size of the image. When you are copying images by focusing on the similarity aspect, you also must make sure that the image’s size is perfect for your website. You must know that if you do not add the right-sized image on your website, it can increase the page loading speed, which is not good for the site!

Hire designers to make images for your website

You can also take help from online graphic designers to get relevant and fresh images for your website. Many platforms can connect you with the best graphic designers, which would work according to your budget. Websites like Elance, Fiverr, and 99 design are quite famous for their freelancing services for image designing.

Use reverse image search Tool (search by image)

The image search technique is an especially useful one for getting the perfect images for your website. The photo search technique is also referred to as reverse image search, and many online tools can help you search by images. This picture search technique can help you find out the most relevant images to the content you are working on. Online reverse image search sites like can help you a lot in getting perfectly designed images. 

The image search technique is unique and free, so if you want to get royalty-free and relevant images for your website in the perfect shapes and sizes, you should make an image search while it is free. Some of the other commonly used image search platforms include:

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  • Google images
  • Image search by SmallSeoTools
  • Duplichecker

You can also find image plagiarism with the image search technique, which is a big pro about it. For more ideas and details about image searching and capturing, we would recommend you guys to stay tuned with us!


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