You Can Still Get A Car Loan Despite Bad Credit

If you have a lower credit score, you can be worried that lenders won’t approve your car loan request. However, before you settle for a loan through buy-here-pay-here dealers, be sure to research your options.

While having very bad credit may make getting an auto loan a little challenging, it is possible to get it. Not to mention, you can find that lending costs are lower, regardless of your credit score. Here is how you can go about it:

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  1. Know How Bad Your Credit Is

Before you plan for a vehicle purchase, it is important to know where you really stand. Apart from knowing your budget and which features you require in the car, you may as well want to determine your credit score.

Determining what your credit score is can help to make a wise decision regarding what you may purchase and how much it’s going to cost you.

Various credit reporting bureaus and lenders use different ways to describe bad credit car loans, and credit tiers. Customers with a rating between 670 and 740 are regarded as good credit. But those with between 300 and 579 have bad credit.

  1. Save For Down Payment

Saving for your down payment may come with a few benefits. Firstly, down payments can help you to qualify for a car loan more easily, particularly if you have a lower credit score.

Without this down payment, the lender will take more risks as they may lose cash if you fail to repay your loan.

In addition, you are going to pay less interest. The more cash you put in as a down payment, the less you are likely to borrow for your car. This also means you will pay interest on a small balance, reducing your total interest paid.

  1. Pay Off The Debts

One of the most obvious ways of improving your credit score is to pay off all your debts. While it won’t wipe your credit history clean, clearing as much debt as possible portrays that you have made a positive step to improve it.

You might want to be on top of your bills. Basically, falling behind on your utility bills and phone contracts will have a great effect when it comes to your credit score. So ensure this is up to date.

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  1. Consider Your Budget

Before applying for a car loan, be sure to take more time to sit down and calculate your expenses, budget, and how much you may afford on a monthly basis. 

But buying a car needs more cash other just a down payment. You might as well need to pay for unexpected repairs, maintenance, petrol, and insurance, just to name a few.

When determining your budget, ensure you consider your overall debt, monthly income, and how much you may afford to pay every month.

Getting prepared with these details ahead of time can make your search for a car loan much faster and easier.

Final Say!

Suboptimal credit scores can make it more difficult but not impossible to find a good car loan. With the right steps, it is possible to get a car loan regardless of your bad credit score.