What is Lead Generation?

Nowadays, many businesses are changing the platforms in which they host their products and have made the switch to e-commerce.  While it is not the only option available, there is no denying that it is quite important.  It is one of the most popular ways for consumers to purchase goods.

That being said, it may feel like there is a flood of websites designed to sell things.  Standing out in the crowd is difficult.  That being said, there are a variety of strategies that you can employ to avoid being ignored.  You can make yourself and your products look appealing and inviting to internet browsers by using things like squeeze pages.

If you are looking to generate sales leads, this is something you should probably keep in mind.  It is not the only option, but certainly a useful technique.

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What is a Squeeze Page?

So – I have mentioned the term now.  What does that mean, though?  What are they, and how can businesses use them to increase their success?  Well, it is fairly simple.

If you are familiar with a landing page, you might think they are the same.  However, they are not.  If you would like more information on this topic, you can look at this website: https://financeninsurance.com/what-is-the-difference-between-a-landing-page-and-a-squeeze-page/.  There are key differences to keep in mind that you should learn about.

The purpose of a “squeeze” page is to acquire a consumer’s email address to enable the business to send them promotional materials.  Sometimes they appear as a pop up, but they are not limited to this.  

Ideally, one of these pages does not simply ask a customer to insert their information.  Rather, they should serve to entice them into entering their contact details by offering something.  This can be a complicated process, so I can detail it further later on.

What to Offer on a Squeeze Page

As I mentioned briefly above, one of these pages should offer something to visitors of the web page to convince them to give their details.  This can be a variety of things, but generally should relate to the product or service you are offering.  After all, getting a random pop up for something completely unrelated is not exactly appealing, to say the least.

One example of this concept is a newsletter.  This can contain a few different things – there is no set list of information you may want to include in newsletter.  Some potentials here are providing updates on new products being released each month.

You could send these updates weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  It usually best not to completely spam your subscribers with emails.  After all, this may get very annoying and lead to people unsubscribing or just deleting them or sorting them into trash.

Another thing you can put in a letter is signups for potential events or a giveaway.  Give aways are a great way to hook people in and keep them interested in your website and business.  They should be used a bit sparingly but are still a good resource.

Other Things to Offer

There are plenty of different options here that can convince customers to stay.  Offering digital products may require teams to assemble them beforehand.  There are places to learn how to create a squeeze page if you are interested in how this process works.

You could consider creating a podcast, for example.  Even linking to a podcast that your business sponsors (and is featured in) can serve as a good hook for potential customers.  Interesting content makes people want to tune in.

Additionally, a webinar or other virtual presentation that is educational in nature might be a resource to create.  This sort of thing comes off as more earnest and gives off the impression of not being interested only in selling products.  Often, this makes a consumer more open to providing their contact information to you.

Finally, you may want to offer a sale or promotion.  This can serve particularly well in a pop-up form, but they are not necessary of course.  If you entice a visitor by offering a discount if they give you their email address, it tends to be quite effective.  This is Th the best way to ensure the squeeze page will work, but you need to utilize the rest of the techniques to ensure retention.

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The Importance of Lead Generation

When you consider this topic, lead generation is the process of generation new audiences and customers for your business that will be interested in your products.  Ideally, you should have a team of people who can assist with this – it involves some understanding of how consumers work and what they are interested in.  

Without this generation, a business may be stagnant.  If you do not get more people interested, the likelihood of sales significantly diminishes.  Obviously, this is not good for the overall success of a company.

Of note – this process helps to build your own credibility as well.  It helps to generate trust for the perspective leads, because you are reaching out to them and attempting to establish a relationship.  Building these virtual connections is especially important considering the events of the past few years, so you should always try to keep it in mind as you proceed.

What are the Benefits?

Naturally, there are a lot of different benefits you can reap from creating a squeeze page and having a lead generation strategy.  Primarily, you will end up expanding your market.  This means that you will reach new people, and hopefully your marketing team can work to understand them and cater to them better.

It will also overall increase the opportunities for your business.  Sometimes, you can collaborate with a business in a similar field to you (if they are not competing with you, of course) in advertising or hosting a pod cast episode or even an educational webinar.  Of course, there are plenty of different options out there.

If you are unsure about this, consider investigating different resources for lead generation!