What Is An Irrevocable Beneficiary?

What is an irrevocable Beneficiary? This is a term used in an insurance policy. Beneficiaries are the ones who get the benefit of the insurance policy after you. The irrevocable beneficiary is one of the types of the beneficiary. In the article below we will know what is an irrevocable beneficiary and everything about it.

What Is An Irrevocable Beneficiary?

The irrevocable beneficiary is a beneficiary in an insurance policy. Irrevocable beneficiary means that the person is assigned as your beneficiary and has every right to get the pay-out no matter what. This means that the person cannot be removed from being the beneficiary the irrevocable beneficiary rights remain the same even if you fall out or get divorced unless they do not give you consent.

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Irrevocable Beneficiary Definition

An irrevocable beneficiary is a person assigned as a beneficiary that cannot be removed or amended without his or her consent and gets the benefit of the policy when the insured person dies.

Choosing Irrevocable Beneficiary

Now you know what is an irrevocable beneficiary and so if you choose someone as your irrevocable beneficiary then remember he or she cannot be removed from that designation. So it is always suggested by the experts that before considering someone as your irrevocable beneficiary be sure about your relationship. Commonly people assign their children as irrevocable beneficiaries. Many people think that naming a spouse on this designation may b a risk. Although you have an option to name contingent beneficiaries, they are the ones who get the benefit if your irrevocable beneficiary predeceases you.

There is some uncertainty in the rights of irrevocable beneficiaries like some courts have ruled out that they have veto power on any changes in the life insurance policy whereas some have ruled that they have limited power and they do not have the right to change the policy or loans taken against the policy.

Irrevocable Beneficiaries And Divorce

Some people designate their ex-spouse as their irrevocable beneficiary. You must be thinking why do they do so. The logic here is that:

When a couple gets divorce one has to give alimony and child support to the other one. Life insurance becomes financial protection to the parent taking care of the child.

Have a thought about what if the policy does not have the other spouse as irrevocable beneficiary and the spouse paying the insurance premiums stops paying or revokes the name of their ex from the policy. This can be a real financial problem for the parent taking care of the child. So the lawyers commonly request the judges when ruling out that the parent taking care of the child should be mentioned as an irrevocable beneficiary in the life insurance. This can give the custodial parent a track of the policy and also they can take some action if the premiums lapse.

Therefore it is necessary to understand what is an irrevocable beneficiary before making any decision.


How Do I Remove An Irrevocable Beneficiary?

To remove an irrevocable beneficiary the person designated so should agree on the changes made. Their name cannot be removed from the policy without their consent.

What Is An Irrevocable?

An irrevocable trust is a type of trust. In this specific trust, you cannot modify, amend, or even terminate anything without the permission of the grantor’s beneficiaries.

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What Is An Irrevocable Life Insurance Policy?

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust is also known as ILIT is created so that one gains complete control on the terms of the policy or policies even when the insured one is alive. They can also manage proceeds that are paid when the insured person is dead.

What Does It Mean To Have A Beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person who is named is in your insurance policy to receive the benefit when the insured person dies. You can name one or more persons as beneficiaries.

What Is Revocable Beneficiary?

With a revocable beneficiary, the person or entity you choose has no guaranteed rights when it comes to receiving the death benefit. The policy owner is in total control. In this case, you as the policy owner, have the right to make changes on your own — that includes updating or changing the designated beneficiary.

Can An Irrevocable Beneficiary Be Contested?

Key Takeaways. The beneficiaries designated in your life insurance policy can be disputed in court after you pass away. These conflicts usually happen when you fail to properly update your beneficiaries after major life events like marriage, divorce, and having or adopting children.


A person whom you assign as an irrevocable beneficiary cannot be changed later so you must make this decision very consciously. Also making a beneficiary or irrevocable beneficiary will not make any changes in the policy terms and conditions. When selecting the type of beneficiary in your insurance policy you can make your decision better when you know what is an irrevocable beneficiary?