What Is A CPN (Credit Privacy Number)?

What is a CPN? Are they legal? There may be some questions in your mind. CPN stands for Credit Privacy Number. It is in the same 9 digit numbers format as an SSN that is Social Security Number. CPN is fraudulent numbers used to apply for credit under a modified identity. Let us tell you more about What is a CPN?

What Is A CPN?

CPN meaning is Credit Privacy Number or Credit Profile Number. They are not legal and not even issued by the government. Using a CPN is counted as a fraud.

CPN is used by frauds as a fraudulent Credit Privacy Numbers instead of SSN (Social Security Number) while applying for credit. The scammers sell the CPN as the second option for credits or to reset the credit scores. They say CPNs may open new ways for credit without being affected by old or low credit scores. This is the reason why some people get attracted to CPN fraud.

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How Is CPN Created?

CPNs are created by the second version of SSN as per the scammers but it is not true. They say the numbers are generated by Social Security Administration but in reality, it is not. The truth is that CPN is created using synthetic Identity fraud and identity theft. Let’s see what these CPN number generators mean

Synthetic Identity Fraud

CPN numbers created with the Synthetic Identity Fraud method use an algorithm to generate the 9 digit SSN. They use an illegal online validator to cross-check and determine these numbers. This fraud has lead to credit card fraud of nearly 80% of credit card loss.

Identity Theft

The identity method of generating CPN uses the lending history and re-set credit score. The CPN created is a result of SSN stolen of the elderly, children, and even of the incarcerated. Mostly the SPN created here is used for identity theft as it is very less likely to be caught.

Is CPN Illegal?

Using a non-valid or fictional CPN is counted under identity theft and has heavy penalties and also jail.

The Credit Privacy Numbers were originated as a privacy act in 1974 where the individuals were given the right to withhold the SSN when not required. But this act does not make the CPN numbers generated by frauds legal.

Today it is seen that 80% of credit card frauds are by synthetic Identity fraud and CPN fraud.

As time is passing the lender is becoming smart and skilled to spot these numbers still many people al for these spams.

Now you know what is a CPN and you must be aware of fraudulent selling CPN.

How To Avoid CPN Scams?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are no CPN or Credit Privacy numbers. If any website or person is promising a legal CPN then he is definitely lying and is a fraud. Never fall for getting the CPN for anything.

Although majors are been taken to stop this scam some key signs may help you recognize a CPN scammer.

A scammer may ask you to change your current identity. They may say that the changes are aspects of additional security but in reality that asks you to do so for the changes for a new identity. These may be some signs to identify a scammer

  •       Change your address
  •       Change your phone number
  •       Create a new email id
  •       A commitment of a new credit score
  •       Insist you to make the payment upfront
  •       Discourage you to communicate with the credit agency

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Right Way To Rebuild Your Credit

You must try to rebuild your credit instead of falling for fraudulent and purchase CPN which is not legal. Here are some ways that may help you rebuild your credit

  •       Pay bills on time
  •       You must reduce your credit utilization ration
  •       You must delay in applying for credit
  •       By keeping your old credit accounts open

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Are CPNs Illegal?

CPN also is known as Credit Privacy number or Credit Profile Number is illegal and not generated by any officials.

How Do I Get A CPN?

There is no legal way to get a CPN as they are not issued by any government agency. They are generated by fraud and are fake or stolen.

Do CPN Numbers Work?

The CPNs are used for hiding credit profiles and are considered illegal. The CPNs that are provided a

not legal they are just random 9 digit numbers that are SSN of children or deceased

How Can I Get A CPN Number?

How do I get my CPN number? The truth is that there is no legitimate way to obtain a CPN because CPNs are not issued or recognized by any official government entity. As described above, the only way to get a CPN is to purchase a stolen or Social Security number.

What Is The Purpose Of A CPN?

People looking to repair their credit may come across an option known as a credit privacy number (CPN). Companies that sell these numbers offer them as a solution to hide bad credit information or bankruptcies.


CPNs are also called Credit Profiles/Privacy Numbers. They are not generated by any officials or government. There are scammers and fraudulent who sell these by generated them through Social Security Numbers of the deceased or children. People fall for this for good credit or a new credit score. Instead, you must try to rebuild your credit in other legal ways. Now when you know what is a CPN you should not fall for the scammers and be safe.

What is a credit CPN number

What is a credit privacy number (CPN)?