What Can You Do to Get Your Writing Done Faster?

The quality of your initial draught doesn’t matter.

For both fiction and nonfiction writers, many professionals advise finishing the first draught before beginning the editing process. Rather of going back and changing words or deleting phrases, keep the flow rolling as you write. A “rubbish first draught” may quadruple your writing pace if you’re a perfectionist who worries about getting every small detail correct the first time around. If you are looking for expert writing essay, please visit our website.

Begin by sketching out the structure of the work.

It’s easy to become bogged down in a major project because you’ve hit a snag or gone off the rails. Make a list of ideas before you start writing, whether it’s for a blog post, an article, or a short fiction. You won’t have to stare at a blank screen any longer, and seeing the next subheading or paragraph ahead will help you stay on course. If you need writers service, please contact us.

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Write nonstop for 10 minutes, starting when the alarm goes off.

There are times when a deadline (like a lunch time or an essay due date) forces you to write quicker than you normally would. Having only a few minutes to do anything is really mind-boggling. This is known as the “end effect,” and Mark Forster advocates using a timer to ensure that it occurs regularly. Determine how much you can do in 10 minutes.

Take a break from writing to do research and preparation on your own.

There’s nothing worse than having to go back and look up a fact, quotation, or figure. When you outline your work (see #2), you should have a clear sense of what references you’ll need to make. Before you begin writing, look up these terms and have them all ready to go.

Alternately, if the act of writing prompts references to websites, books, or persons in mind, don’t put the work on hold to go out and discover them. In order to ensure that you don’t forget to put anything in, leave a note in the text to remind yourself of the things that you want to add! Even in the original version of this post, I had written —

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Turn off the noise (instant messenger, Twitter, email.)

In the event that you’re continually interrupted by incoming messages, emails, or new postings in your RSS reader, just turn them all off. Without interruptions, I can write at least twice as quickly as before. Even if you believe each message will just take a few seconds to read, you lose momentum every time your attention is diverted from what you’re writing.