Top Manufacturing Software in 2022

Manufacturing is one of the most complex industries because it involves thousands of devices and physical assets that work together. 

Managing so many different elements can be a nightmare even for the most experienced manager, so most companies use manufacturing software to simplify things and increase efficiency.

There are many different types of manufacturing software available. Each type is designed to improve specific processes by strengthening project control and collaboration. 

Let’s look at the most popular manufacturing software options used in manufacturing in more detail.

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Best Manufacturing Software Solutions in 2022

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is known as one of the world’s best enterprise resource planning software solutions. It’s designed to help companies optimize cash flow by increasing manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs. However, this software can be applied to many processes, and it offers a few significant benefits.

As it’s cloud-based manufacturing software, it makes it easy for your managers to track every project remotely. 

Team members with assigned roles can connect to the system at any time and complete their work without being physically present at the office. 

All processes and actions are recorded. The software generates detailed reports in real-time to help streamline inventory management, generate cost estimations, and increase visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Oracle NetSuite is extremely popular because it helps in areas other than finance. It’s a complete solution that can integrate with other platforms, including CRMs, and eCommerce. 

Multiple automation features can complete repetitive tasks without human intervention, allowing your employees to focus on other essential business processes. 

If you’re looking for end-to-end manufacturing software that can help you transform your entire operation from the ground up, the Oracle NetSuite is the best choice.


Connecteam is another popular manufacturing software solution, and it’s becoming even more popular because it’s designed primarily for mobile devices. It’s also a cloud-based solution, and it provides incredible flexibility, as team members can access and interact with the system using their smartphone or tablet. 

Connecteam is easier to pick up and use compared to other similar software solutions, even if the user is not very tech-savvy. The company provides impeccable customer support and goes the extra mile to walk you through everything you have to do to scale your company and increase efficiency. 

The software also offers various automation features that make it easy to pull payroll timesheets, increase employee engagement, and improve project management. With real-time reporting, GPS time tracking, project instructions and tips, an easy-to-access file archive, and a group chat, this software is just what you need to improve manufacturing and prepare your company for the future.


BatchMaster is a manufacturing software designed to improve food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processes. It helps optimize product development, packaging, cost estimation, production optimization, quality assurance, inventory management, compliance, and many others. 

It can also double as a platform for project planning and scheduling. 

The software offers integrations with platforms that can unlock other features that help streamline project management even further. BatchMaster is highly flexible and easy to scale. As such, it can be applied to any operation of any size. It’s popular among small businesses and large enterprises alike. Compared to other software solutions, BatchMaster is much more cost-efficient when used the right way.

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Managing a production facility with thousands of moving parts and different machines spread across multiple departments is hard. However, Jira is a manufacturing software originally developed to support developers, but it quickly found an application in manufacturing and other industries. 

The software allows managers to create detailed project plans quickly, assign roles, set priorities, and monitor team members in real-time. The software is very good at finding bottlenecks in an operation and providing solutions that improve efficiency and productivity. 

The real value of Jira is in its many available automation features. Once the platform is set up, it can create rules that complete repetitive tasks automatically. 

For example, after the project roadmap is created, whenever a department completes its work, the software assigns the task to a different department without the manager completing things manually. It’s an absolute godsend when it comes to project management software. 

Fishbowl Manufacturing 

Suppose you need an ERP solution ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s excellent for handling advanced work orders and demanding manufacturing projects. 

Companies use it to streamline manufacturing orders, automatically create bills of material, and combine other features to increase overall efficiency throughout the factory. 

Fishbowl is so famous because it offers plenty of features for every project. Automated features include customization, grouping, and preparing work orders. 

Once the project is organized, the software makes it easy to track every asset and work order. Moreover, managers can create detailed work order instructions and streamline order management. 

Benchmark ESG’s Gensuite 

Having good customer relationships with your customers is essential for building a strong brand. A manufacturing software called Benchmark ESG’s Gensuite is the perfect choice for reaching out to your customers and improving production efforts according to their needs. 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, so this software is ideal for ensuring that production follows the latest standards. 

The software combines all kinds of advanced features to help improve business efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure compliance. It also helps improve sustainability, product development, and many other processes as well. 

The software has been helping manufacturers for more than two decades, and most users praise its customer support that’s always willing to go the extra mile to help clients set up the software correctly. 


Bluestreak is a unique manufacturing software designed primarily for companies with a service-based product. The software is a completely Quality Management System solution or QMS, combined with advanced features of an MES or Manufacturing Execution System. 

The result is a highly flexible platform that improves quality management efforts through employee tracking and role assignment.

The interface looks great, and it can integrate with your existing ERP solutions. Once set up, it can help optimize production on many different levels. It’s handy for production processes such as additive manufacturing, plating, powder counting, laboratory management, etc.


Choosing the ideal manufacturing software for your business can be a complex process as so many platforms are available. 

Every platform provides certain benefits, but it also comes with some downsides, so you must compare the tools before spending money on something that won’t give you the results you expect.

All in all, a manufacturing software solution is a must if you want to prepare your business for the future. 

Generally speaking, as long as the software you choose helps improve project planning, resource management, communication, reporting, etc., you will be able to boost production output and the efficiency of your employees. 

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