Top 3 Reasons Investing in Custom Packaging Will Help Your Small Business

If your small business is competing in a crowded marketplace, there’s much to gain from custom packaging. Next to the quality and consumer desirability of your product, an effective and customized packaging concept can help you hold your own and grow within the consumer products market. Making the right choice between a “traditional” boxed or a gusseted pouch stand-up packaging format could make a significant difference in your success.

Build Trust With Existing Customers

Your small business is most likely going up against the “Big Guys” if your product is on the supermarket shelf. You’ll benefit from packaging that helps you build and retain the trust of the consumers who try out your product. Packaging can create a connection with consumers’ lifestyles. Your design concept can reflect your customers’ values and demonstrate how your product fits in with their life and career choices.

In addition to distinguishing your product from competitors, clear and easy-to-read label information can communicate what goes into your product beyond the required nutritional labeling. The sourcing methods for your ingredients and their geographical point of origin can provide consumers with the transparency they need to place their continued trust in your manufacturing practices.

Because of past food recalls, many consumers prefer to purchase products they feel assured came to the store in a secure and tamper-proof manner. Mylar packaging provides a high degree of security and strength that shoppers can feel for themselves when they pull your product from the store shelf.

Some of the best foods to store in mylar bags include:

  • Freeze-dried vegetables and fruits
  • Quinoa
  • Whole herbs
  • Pasta
  • Lentils and Beans

Garner the Attention of New Customers

The initial impression that your packaging makes can encourage shoppers to reach for your product. Your larger competitors may have an advantage in the size of their advertising budgets, but customized packaging helps you level the playing field.

An effective packaging and design concept can steal the attention away from competitors. A stand-up pouch, for example, provides a graphic designer with an ample canvas to showcase the way your product reflects your customers’ tastes and lifestyles.

Eye-catching designs can compel shoppers to reach for your product, but don’t go overboard. You still need to communicate the needed text-based information. On the other hand, shoppers won’t stand in a store aisle to “read a book.” Strive for balance but include photo-quality printing on your packaging materials if you intend to compete with multinational companies. When it comes to enhancing your brand’s image, look no further than SupremeX for buying the best custom packaging solutions that elevate your product presentation and customer experience.

Include Convenience and Sampling Options in Your Packaging Plans

Building a convenience factor into your packaging by enabling customers to purchase alternative single-portion versions brings a dual benefit. Not only will your existing customers appreciate the option of taking your products with them when they’re traveling or commuting, you’ll also gain an effective marketing tool.

Single-portion products are more readily picked up by shoppers who prefer low-risk try-out versions. Liquid sachet packaging, for example, easily provides both benefits; it’s a great way to provide single-portion functionality and it also serves as a try-out version. Sachet packaging works especially well with products such as nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Team your small business up with an experienced and digitally capable packaging supplier. You’ll learn how you can present your product to consumers just as well – or better – than your large-scale competitors.