The USD Rally – Is it to be Trusted?


The recent USD rally has got many forex traders seeking the best brokers to trade USD/JPY, EURUSD, and other USD-crossed pairs in the market today. The high interest rate for the USD has made it one of the strongest pairs in the market today. Is this current USD rally to be trusted? We have examined this more in this work. 

What’s the cause of the recent USD rally?

The US dollar has been on a rally in recent weeks. Here are a few reasons why the dollar has been gaining strength:

  • Interest rates: One of the primary reasons for the USD strength is the interest rate differential between the US and other countries. The current high interest rate for the USD has placed it amongst the strongest currencies today. 
  • Economic recovery: The US economy has been recovering faster than most other developed economies, which has also contributed to the dollar’s strength. The US has been able to successfully roll out a vaccine, and with the pace of vaccinations increasing, it is expected that the economy will continue to improve. This has led to increased demand for the dollar as investors look to capitalize on the US economic recovery.
  • Geopolitical stability: The US is considered a safe haven, and in times of uncertainty, investors tend to flock to the dollar. The recent geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have heightened risk aversion and led to increased demand for the dollar.
  • Weakness in other currencies: The dollar’s strength is also a result of weakness in other currencies. The euro has been under pressure due to concerns about the economic outlook in the eurozone, and the Japanese yen has been hit by the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy.

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Can we trust the current USD rally?

The US dollar has been on a strong run in recent months, with investors flocking to the world’s most widely used currency in times of uncertainty. However, the question remains: can this strength be expected to last? The answer is not a simple one.

First, it’s important to understand the factors that drive the strength of a currency. In the case of the US dollar, its recent surge can be attributed to a combination of higher US Treasury yields, a recovering US economy, rising interest rate, geopolitical stability, and weakness in other currencies. Therefore as long as these positive factors prevail, one can expect the USD to remain stronger over time. 

However, some factors could potentially dampen the dollar’s strength. For example, should we experience a further rise in the inflation rate amidst the high-interest rate for the USD, then it stands the chance of losing its value over time and may become less attractive to investors.

Additionally, if other countries begin to recover more quickly from the pandemic, investors may start to shift their attention to those markets, putting pressure on the dollar.

Notwithstanding, it is also worth noting that the strength of a currency is not just a matter of fundamentals, but also of market sentiment. If investors become less confident in the US dollar, they may start to sell, driving down its value.

In conclusion, while the current USD dollar strength can be partly attributed to favorable economic conditions and market sentiment, it is impossible to predict with certainty whether it will last. There are both potential drivers and headwinds that could impact the currency’s performance in the coming months and years. As always, investors should stay informed about economic conditions both in the US and around the world, and be prepared for sudden changes in market sentiment.

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