The Biggest Jewelry Trends You’ll See This Year

Jewelry acts like magic. The most appealing part about jewelry is that it can instantly improve your looks. You can add an earring, body chain, or necklace to a simple shirt and denim and experience the magic. 

Today, most people desire the dopamine feeling jewelry can add to their lives. You can’t compare the cycle trend in fashion to that of jewelry. Although jewelry trends might be slower, there is an immense demand for playfulness and electric color. Latest fashion statistics show that over 51% of women between 25 and 40 invest in their jewelry. 

The effect of dopamine dressing applies to not only our clothes but also fine jewelry. Most people today are gravitating toward bold color combinations. Read along, and let’s find out the biggest jewelry trends you’ll come across everywhere this year. There will undoubtedly be plenty of treat-yourself moments.

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1. The Dopamine Look

The bright and happy colors are quickly becoming a trend this year. These bold colors act as a fashion statement for most women. Moreover, many designers are embracing this trend. 

The designers adding a pop of color to their collection include Pascale Monvoisin, Sydney Evan, Brent Neale, and Gigi Clozeau. 

Their creative juices are more noticeable since they are experimenting with new materials. For instance, studding links with diamonds, ceramics, and other precious stones are becoming their staple. 

Forget subtle. These bright and happy colors are bold and hard to miss. The beauty of this jewelry trend is that you can pair it with various wardrobe staples. 

You can accessorize them with your nighttime clothes, official and semi-official, and even your swimwear. This is one jewelry trend you can embrace this year for summer wear or any event. 

2. Show-Stopping Engagement Ring

Cluster-style engagement rings have become more popular in recent years. But what still stands out is the three-stone engagement ring as shown here. It is one of the traditional rings that can never go out of fashion. Besides, it’s one of the most popular and adored engagement rings. 

Most people believe that it represents three important events: the past, the present, and the future. The engagement could have similar or different stones and shapes. You could choose to have the diamond stone take center stage on your ring finger. 

Take advantage of the various shapes and cuts that diamonds come with to make your ring unique. You could choose to have both round, oval, and princess to make it one of a kind. 

3. Mix Metals Up

Most people like sticking to the stone they’re used to. You could be a team silver or gold. So it’s understandable if you prefer a minimalist or a maximalist look. 

But the great news is that this year could be anything that you choose. Imagine having only one rule to work with, and that’s there aren’t any rules. 

Silver has increasingly become more popular between Fall/Winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022. But this should not affect your yellow gold preference. Instead, you can join the bandwagon of mixing metals trends in 2021. You could either layer pieces or a single two-tone item for dramatic runway moments. 

The neck mess and earing studs trend of more is more approach will continue gaining popularity. Most people will mix and match many designs, from diamonds to silver. Besides, bulky chains and pendants will become a fashion jewelry trend to look out for. 

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4. The Vintage Style

If you check out the jewelry trends in the 70s and 80s, you will notice their influence on fashion. The trend encourages people to shy away from basic and subtle jewelry and to embrace bold-statement pieces. Therefore, there’s a big-ticket statement from various independent jewelry designers. 

The pandemic has led people to embrace dressing up and having fun while at it. Wedding sets are bolder today than a few years ago. 

But if your wallet is thin, you shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of ways to make a statement on a budget. You could choose to rock bright earrings or a beautiful and unique sculptured ring. 

5. The Pearls Effect

Pearls are still regaining their popularity in the latest jewelry trend. Their classic and timeless elegance make them remain more appealing.

Imagine having pearl stud earrings with diamond carats on your wedding day. The diamond studs will make you a stunning bride or bride’s maid. 

Combining your invaluable pieces and new ones into a bold 20s style will help you maximize their beauty. You can draw your inspiration from Erdem, Simone Rocha, and Givenchy runaways to stand out. 

6. Hoop is Still an Authentic Your Style

Hoop earrings are a staple in a girl’s wardrobe. Sometimes hoops may feel like they’re out of style. It may make you wonder what you can do with your overwhelming collection. 

But you can enjoy the massive, sleek silver, and gold versions of this style during the autumn season. Moreover, you can wear these bold statements at special events, including an engagement or wedding party. 

7. Personalized Jewelry

Another authentic piece of jewelry to expect this year is the delicate initial necklace. This is a beautiful wedding set for your bridal party since elegant uniformity is guaranteed. Besides, every bridesmaid will enjoy a sense of individuality. 

Generally, initial necklaces are a fashion statement to most people. You get to wear a beautiful memory or have your special person’s initials on your neck. This is a unique way of expressing your emotions and love. 

8. The Crystal Power

Crystal-decked, rhinestone and jade jewelry are popular for night-out attire. This look combined the exuberance of the flapper era with the glamour of the 80s. 

To achieve a dazzling beauty, you can pair glittery cocktail earrings with an evening gown. Another viable option is elevating the look of your jeans with a striking choker or bracelet. 

9. Conscious Consumption

Today most jewelry consumers feel compelled to make informed, bold, and unique purchases. The most challenging task is differentiating against greenwashing. 

You need to know the right question to ask a jeweler and pick the most sustainable engagement ring. There is no ideal solution other than brands being transparent and traceable to their clients. 

According to the State of Fashion survey, sustainability factors will affect 20 to 30% of international fine jewelry purchases by 2025. This ranges from environmental impact to ethical sourcing techniques.

Final Thoughts

It may be challenging to keep up with the latest jewelry trends in the market. To make little things easier, you need to consider your preference and the look you prefer. You can go from a dopamine look to a vintage style. This list help with choosing a wedding set in case you’re stuck.