Compare Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes

Getting yourself an insurance cover is quite a tuff task to accomplish, but with us not anymore. As we are here to provide you with some of Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes. But, before finding ones we must know what all characteristics should a good taxi quote possess.

Good Taxi Insurance Quotes

A good taxi insurance quotes should possess the following qualities while you purchase a taxi insurance.

Record of driving

Do keep Record of driving as it will help you to estimate the amount of risk involved in your vehicle. When you will be searching for Taxi Insurance Quotes Online quote instant then keeping records might prove as a help to you.

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Readying personal information

It is a necessary formality to provide your personal information to the insurance companies, as they need your address, telephone number, the number on the driving license and other relevant information that are necessary to get you the best online taxi insurance quotes available. With the help of the quotes, you can compare the prices, and decide your insurance policy.

Amount of coverage

You are the one who decides how much amount of protection is needed, or the amount of insurance coverage can also be depended on your budget and personal financial condition. So, as a taxi owner find yourself the best insurance policy that would suit your need. Moreover, you can also rely on insurance providers or your financial advisor for getting cheap taxi insurance quotes.

Obtaining cheap quotes

You can try various methods that can lower down your taxi insurance quotes online, which can, later on, be compared with other quotes to get the best quote out of them all depending on your need.

What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance refers to a specialist insurance policy which is typically designed to cover you and your vehicle. It is a comprehensive insurance policy that protects the taxi driver as well as the car.

While exploring taxi insurance one needs to understand, the things involved in taxi insurance, which areas:

Types of Taxi Insurance Policies

Private Hire Insurance Cover that is designed for drivers who carry passengers for hire and reward.

Public Hire Insurance Cover is used for a taxi which is licensed for use as a hackney and covers you to carry people and get rewarded in return.

While getting a taxi insurance quote online you should be aware of some information to buy the best taxi insurance quote.

  • have CCTV or Thatcham security in your taxi
  • does your taxi have a wheelchair access ramp?
  • any points or convictions on your driving licence are mentioned
  • taxi badge period
  • any additional courses completed
  • any Medical Conditions
  • any past accidents and claims
  • background checks are done by the insurance companies to check your authenticity of the information. So, try to be precise and accurate in providing information.

Level of cover

It can be:

  • Comprehensive.
  • Third party fire and theft.
  • Third party only.
  • Additional cover includes

Some additions in taxi insurance includes:

  • Legal assistance.
  • Windscreen cover.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Breakdown cover.

Taxi Insurance Companies UK

1. QuoteZone

QuoteZone helps in Comparing taxi insurances since 2005. It compares over 60 insurance products and over 200 insurance providers are listed. Moreover we suggest it as the fast, secure and free to use as well as reliable company.

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2. Swinton

Swinton company offers various Discounts available for drivers. It Considers New badge-holders and Provide 24-hour UK-based taxi claims. You can pick up your cover note from branches across the UK.

3. Choice Quote

Choice Quote insurance company Provides cheap taxi insurance UK since 1995. It is seen as a reputation for providing excellent taxi insurance cover having its operations from UK offices. It usually offers Permissible cover, having various Installment plans available, and you can even purchase taxi insurance quote online as it offers 24 hour claims line service. Taxi fleet insurance policies are obtainable. Private as well as public hire insurance cover and Policies to help to move from weekly arrangements are offered. There are no claims bonus from other vehicle policies. Personal accident liability cover as well as public liability covers are available.

4. A19

A19 offers Up to 70{367c01af22dc6c3a8611ff25983b0f0a247ed9fc1c45fd9103ad49b47a0c5f39} No Claims Discount with Courtesy taxi service and Protected No Claims Discount for 5+years as well as No Claims Bonus. It has a Free Legal Expenses cover offering Access to a 24 hour, 365 days a year with Public Liability Insurance.

5. Motorcade

It is the largest taxi insurers offering Short Term cover with Public, private policies available. It also considers people’s Opinions.

6. GSI

GSI company is a Specialists Taxi Insurance Company For both Individual Taxi drivers as well as Taxi Fleet operators. Offering Covers available for:

  • The third party only
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive.

7. Milestone

Milestone insurance company has over 35 years’ experience and it is the one offering most competitive premiums to its customers.

8. One Broker

It is Comprehensive in offering premiums. Moreover, it offers Public Liability Cover, Windscreen Cover, Protected No Claims Bonus, Introductory Discount, Second Car Discount, Replacement Plated Taxi and Collapse Cover. If Uninsured then you will get Damage Recovery. It also suggest you Variety of Payment Strategies.

9. Headley

It has over 20 years’ experience dealing in public hire insurance and private hire insurance. It offers 3, 6 or 12 month policies, MPV’s plated for Private Hire, partnerships with leading insurers. It give insurance to Owner only driving or owner + 3 named drivers or having Provable taxi driving experience.

10. Cover My Cab

Cover My Cab is a specialist taxi insurance for over 30 years which provide the best taxi insurance cover. It has its own experienced team and offers“direct only” taxi insurance rates.

11. Tradex

This company offers Local roadside assistance for the local recovery, by offering Public liability cover, Money cover, Personal accident cover and Bonus Booster available. The Bonus dwindling is available from one year onwards.

12. DNA

DNA insurance company offers Public, Private as well as Chauffeur Insurance with Immediate Cover with tailored Policies and All Postcodes Covered. It offers Discounted Rates for 35 Yrs +, provide all the Legal Expenses and 24 Hour Claims Helpline is available with Unlimited mileage policies.

13. Insurance Choice

This company is a Specialists in arranging cover with Unique rates which are interest free payment policies. Therefore offering Low deposits, monthly payments available and Concessions for DSA taxi test. It undertakes Fully Comprehensive Covers or Third Party covers.

14. Towergate Taxi Insurance

The company hire and reward vehicle cover. It offers Courtesy plated taxi with Taxi breakdown cover and a separate onward travel.

15. Coversure

Coversure is an affordable taxi insurance company Providing taxi drivers where they get Cover for drivers who are 21+. Hackney vehicles are covered. It is available for both Private and public hire. Moreover, it offers SDP use for the spouse, Public liability, Minibuses and MPVs available for public and private. It offer rebates for contracts work and MPVs together with imports. The Opening offers for first time drivers and Concessions for named driver experience are also provided by the company.

How to get Taxi Insurance Renewal?

While renewing your insurance you need to look at the basic feature at the time of purchasing the taxi insurance policy. Some of which are:

  • Coverage

Choose the right coverage for your taxi insurance. Try to opt for a get comprehensive insurance for your taxi as this will let you attain sustainability of the business.

  • Insured Declared Value

While choosing the taxi insurance do choose the precise IDV in your taxi insurance policy. As you will get the correct price of your vehicle in case of total damage or theft.

  • Add-ons

Choose your add-ons sensibly, as this is the one thing that helps to improve the overall protection cover for your taxi.

  • Discounts

Be aware of the available discounts to get the best offer as possible from the taxi insurance companies.

  • Deductibles

Manage your deductible wisely. So that they may not prove as a burden for you at the time of the claim of your insurance policy.

Tips for getting discounts on Taxi insurance

  • Compare different policies
  • Use accumulated No Claim Bonus
  • Don’t make small claims
  • Try other discounts offered and available
  • Voluntary deductibles

Benefits of Getting a Commercial Car or Taxi Insurance

  • Compare Industry Best Insurers

While comparing the taxi insurance plans you get to know the best insurers available at the most amazing prices offered by them.

  • Unbiased Expert Advice

You can pick up the right insurance for your commercial car or taxi with ease by knowing every detail with the agent or the helper available to assist you in need.

  • Post-Sales Assistance

any concern or issue regarding the taxi insurance cover, then after sale services are also provided by the insurance companies.

  • Express Services

Moreover, express service is provided while buying or choosing a taxi insurance cover. That lets you do the procedure fast.

Exactly How much Does Taxi Insurance Cost?

You are legally bound to get yourself an insurance cover, therefore getting taxi insurance is important for you. Now, there exists some difference between standard or cheap car insurance and taxi-insurance that you need to know about. Where the basic thing is taxi-insurance only covers motor vehicles and it takes into account passengers who pay for the hire of a taxi.

Therefore, the cost of taxi insurance is dependent upon the company to company. As different companies quote different prices. These prices may be cheap as well as expensive depending upon the features companies are offering.

Most commonly one should pay attention to the following when comparing the taxi insurance cost:

  • Public or Private

taxi insurance online quote UK suggests two types of taxi insurance quotes that are public and private hire insurance. Public taxi insurance is for the pick-up of passengers, whereas private taxi insurance is associated with appointed or pre-arranged taxis. Therefore. A premium of insurance depends on both and the age of the driver as well.

  • Appropriate Cover

Try to research the cover that suits your business needs and provide you with the utmost benefit. Choose your cover depending upon your company’s needs, which can save you a lot of money while buying insurance.

  • New Company

Do shop around on line for a cheap taxi quote. List and search on some online comparison websites to find out some of the reputable insurers for your policy.

  • Safety and Security

Having Safety and security options in your taxi or car can help you lower your taxi insurance premium. If the insurer is confident about your taxi being in safe hands and with no risk, he would surely lower down the insurance premium.

What does the Taxi Insurance Cover?

Typically, if we see then it covers motor insurance and passenger liability insurance which is a part of every basic policy you are getting. Apart from this there exist some other features that you can add to your insurance policy according to one’s need. Some of them are as:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Courtesy-plated taxi
  • Advice/assistance with the recovery
  • 24-hour claims assistance
  • Vehicle repair
  • When vehicle won’t start then Home start recovery is provided
  • Personal use cover
  • Cover for loss or damage to keys
  • locksmith charges cover

What does taxi insurance cover do not cover?

  • Drivers under 25
  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Use of Unauthorized or unsafe vehicle
  • Driving exterior of the region

Why is Private Hire Taxi Insurance needed?

  • Instant documentation

You get instant documents approval that saves a lot of time and avoids conflicts in payments of premium.

  • Multiple payment options

multiple payment options are available to the insurer of a taxi to give his payment of premium on a timely basis.

  • Save time

It helps you to save your time rather than roaming around to get quotes and compare policies. Now, you can compare the market taxi insurance quotes online to save time and efforts involved.

  • Save money

Private Hire Taxi Insurance let you save money on insurances, as online insurance quotes are available which can be compared easily to save money.

  • Compare Private Hire Taxi Insurance quotes

Try comparing the policies on different websites to get the best rate. Contact insurance providers to get the details of price and other information.

  • Highly tailored policies

Private hire insurance caters to the needs of different people and serves people according to their needs. So, Hire Taxi Insurance policies are Highly tailored policies to suit the need of people.

Tips for Saving Money on Taxi Insurance

  • Pay annually
  • Buy out breakdown cover with taxi insurance cover
  • Improve your taxi security.
  • Drive safely.
  • estimate your annual mileage.
  • Find specialise taxi insurance companies
  • Shop for the best price insurance

How do you Calculate Taxi Insurance Premium?

As you are aware of the fact that you do need to spend more amount of money on taxi insurance than normal car insurance. So, you do get cheap car insurance. Therefore, while calculating taxi insurance premium; miles, passengers, peak times, etc. are considered while framing the taxi insurance premium amount.

  • more miles get you more premium
  • carrying passengers involves risk
  • driving in peak times increases the risk thus, increases the premium


As taxi are used for business purposes, therefore buying a cheap minicab insurance is quite expensive than car insurance. And therefore, the risk involved in running a taxi can cause serious damage to the vehicle, which eventually decrease your profit margin. So, to avoid this future loss you can get yourself a taxi insurance. Do compare taxi insurance online quote and take the help of insurance provider or agent to get the best and cheapest taxi insurance available.

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