Peculiarities of Customized Cold Emails and Purposes of Email Spam Test

Nowadays, cold emailing is considered to be an important part of marketing. Sending much the same emails to your potential buyers goes well only in some cases. Unfortunately, sometimes they get into spam and remain unnoticed. If your goal is to obtain more clients, you should make your cold emails tailor-made. Besides, making use of email deliverability testing tools helps to identify the possible destination of your email. Effective email spam tests express your deliverability. 

The Necessity of Personalized Cold Emails

Identical messages may be considered spam. If you make your messages more customized, they are more likely to stay out of the spam folder and appear in the inbox. So there is a better chance that your recipients will get the point.

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There are some benefits of using personalized cold emails:

  • Customized emails are likely to get more replies. The response rate of such messages is much higher without any doubt. It is proven that about 70% of recipients will answer the emails which are addressed to them and aimed at them.
  •  Such types of emails are essential for Email Deliverability. If you send plenty of identical emails, there is a possibility that Email Service Providers block them, and they will not land in your recipients’ inboxes. It’s better to complete an email deliverability test in advance not to have your messages identified as spam.
  •   Increase in sales can be a direct result of proper email campaigns. Personalized messages will enhance the efficiency of your marketing and, thereby, sales. It is verified that the personalization of messages may boost sales by approximately 20 percent. 
  • Turning your cold email into more customized ones demonstrates your involvement in the process of their creation and proves that you are a reliable sender. That is quite important for Email Service Providers and your reputation. People are more likely not to mark your messages as spam if it is obvious that you have made efforts to find out more about them before attracting their attention. Don’t forget to test your future emails for spam.

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How to Generate Customized Emails

The process of generating cold emails takes a lot of time and effort. Personalization of these emails is even more laborious as it involves adding a piece of information, which is connected with the recipient. 

There are some ways to create individualized cold emails:

  1.   Point out where you came across the prospect. Speak about the place you found your reader. It demonstrates that you haven’t copied your message from a vast database.
  2.   Touch upon the technologies they apply. If your potential partner is aware that you have analyzed the technologies he uses, he will estimate your advanced studies and involvement in his business. There are special tools that demonstrate the technologies which are used on different websites.
  3.   Present evidence that you have conducted in-depth research of your recipient’s business. It’s necessary to point out something exceptional about it. Maybe they have a current startup, or their employers have received an important award. It has proved to be an efficient way to demonstrate your genuine intention to cooperate.
  4.   Highlight that you are aware of their achievements. It’s advisable to praise them for their success and make a first impression.
  5.   Show that you are informed about their current difficulties. If you deal with a fast-developing company, mention the employers they are missing. You can take advantage of this situation, especially if you can meet their challenge. 
  6.   Mention appropriate case studies. Making use of case studies is regarded as a great idea, but bear in mind that attributes should be related to each prospect to draw attention.
  7.   Bring up their aims and responsibilities. If the goals of your potential customers have been mentioned prior to this, it’s better to take advantage of them and offer your assistant how to help them succeed.

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How to Benefit from Email Deliverability Tests Applicable to Cold Emails

Cold emailing is regarded as one of the efficient ways to attract new customers and therefore to expand the business. As the process of creating messages and their distribution is quite time-consuming, it’s better to test your own email deliverability beforehand. You can do it with the aid of various email deliverability check tools.

The goal of such tools is to identify the place of your email landing and to determine your spam score by means of the test. It’s important to have your messages reach the inbox, not spam or missing folders. You can make sure that your email address won’t be deactivated or blacklisted, and your messages won’t be automatically characterized as spam. It often occurs with recently formed email addresses and with the older ones which have had trouble with email deliverability. Cold emails don’t frequently get into the inbox if the email server is connected with a domain, which is known for low credibility. 

An appropriate test is conducted by sending the message to a roster of inboxes. Failing this, email deliverability checks can be regarded as one-sided and inefficient. A proper testing verifies the significant professional and private inbox providers. After the test you get a spam score which means your deliverability. In some cases, you even get some pieces of advice on how to change your deliverability for the best. The review of the tools which are about to check email deliverability is available at Folderly.

Templates for Cold Emails

When you are short of time and have trouble with generating emails, you can benefit from various email templates. Their aim is to create emails, which are considered to be personalized, in a short time. These templates can be filled in and mailed to prospects. The content may seem general-purpose, but the rate of personalization is high and sufficient if you bother to edit them.

If you have second thoughts about utilizing customized email templates, remember that these tools will save your time, energy, and, therefore, money. But it is essential to edit them properly and add as much personal information as possible. Email templates may be used as a framework for your customized cold emails. Moreover, after using these templates, you should do an email deliverability check. Don’t forget about timing which is significant with regard to personalized cold emails. It is stated that recipients tend to reply to messages within the hour they get them.

In conclusion, you can benefit from cold emails by finding more partners and clients, having a good reputation and increasing profit. The key to success is that these messages should be personalized. It’s necessary to undertake thorough studies to make your emails more individualized. Remember to use special tools like email spam tests and email templates in order to simplify your business.

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