New York Traffic Ticket Secrets Revealed: How To Beat The System

New York is notorious for its traffic. With more than 12 million residents and more than 3,000 intersections, New Yorkers have a lot of places to be on any given day. Add in the usual heavy commuter traffic from the city, and New York drivers seem to spend excessive time stuck in gridlock. However, New York also has an excellent reputation for resisting outside interference. 

Law enforcement agents quickly crack down on anyone attempting to circumvent the system or cheat it out of money or resources. Combine this with the overwhelming number of laws that need to be followed by every driver. And you’ve got a perfect storm of difficulties for anyone who hopes to break free from the status quo. But why should you care? Consider this. If you want to beat the system, breaking free from it is your best chance at successfully doing so. New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer can help you navigate the problem. So what are these New York traffic ticket secrets that help you out? Read on to find out.

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Don’t Despair – There Are Ways To Beat The System.

If you get hit with a traffic ticket in New York, don’t despair. There are ways to beat the system. Here are some tips on how to do so. First, if you were issued a speeding ticket, you can call officials and explain the circumstances surrounding your ticket. You’ll need the full citation number and your driver’s license number (or NYS ID card) for this. If you don’t have it, provide your last name, first name, date of birth, address, and phone number. 

If they towed your car as part of a reckless driving charge or failure to stop at a stop sign, find out if there is an appeal process. Then, you can take advantage of it. This process gets normally handled by the agency that issued your ticket, so make sure you contact them beforehand.

A Few Simple Steps Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Your Ticket Dismissed.

The first step is to learn what your rights are. They’re not as convenient as they may seem, but they exist! In New York State, a driver has the right to request a ticket to get dismissed if they can prove that an officer used illegal tactics to issue the ticket. The problem is that these rights aren’t always easy to use. For instance, if you have a ticket for a moving violation, you can only request dismissal if it wasn’t your fault. If it were your fault, you wouldn’t be able to get the ticket dismissed. You can take legal help from a New York Red Light Ticket Lawyer.

Request A Hearing Within 30 Days Of Receiving The Ticket.

New York is famous for its strict adherence to the rules. It includes traffic regulations, which are in place to ensure the safety of all drivers. However, if you have a ticket that you believe is unjust or unfair, you should take action and request a hearing immediately. New York has an excellent reputation regarding its compliance with rules, so if your ticket doesn’t seem fair, request a hearing and get some justice! 

Don’t Try To Cheat The System

Don’t get caught doing anything illegal or trying to cheat the system. It will only increase your risk of getting caught and receiving an even harsher penalty. The rule of thumb for avoiding a New York traffic ticket is not to break laws or try anything that could be considered cheating. Remember that these tickets can be costly if you don’t try to fight them. It is why it’s important not to try anything that could potentially land you in hot water in the first place. 

Take Advantage Of Statute Of Limitations

If possible, take advantage of your state’s limited statute of limitations provision (also known as the statute of limitations). It allows people who get injured by a traffic violation within two years following its occurrence to file a lawsuit. It includes demanding compensation for their injury without waiting longer than six years after the event occurred.

Argue Why They Should Dismiss The Ticket

First, let’s talk about the hearing. You’ll have a chance to speak with the judge and plead your case before your case gets decided. The specifics of what will happen at the hearing vary from one individual to another, but you will generally be able to present your case. You can argue why the ticket should get dismissed. The judge may ask questions about how you were driving or if any extenuating circumstances might justify an exception on this ticket. Don’t worry if you aren’t a good speaker. It isn’t required for you to be eloquent to get out of this jam. Showing up and presenting your claim is enough. 

Next, let’s look at New Yorkers’ tactic of giving themselves a break. If you think this ticket will cost too much money, consider giving yourself a break from it by accepting at-fault mitigation from an insurance company instead. It allows you to keep your insurance without paying for a ticket. It will enable you to avoid getting points on your license for being late and all other expenses associated with getting out of this ticket. Finally, don’t forget about “reduced speed zones.”

Take A Defensive Driving Course.

If you want to beat a New York traffic ticket, one way to do so is by taking a defensive driving course (also known as a driver improvement course). This course can help reduce your chance of getting a ticket. In addition to this, the system will also help you stay safe on the road. 

The average defensive driving course takes about eight hours and will teach you everything from how to drive safely to road rules. Unfortunately, if you take this course, there’s no telling what kind of discounts or leniency you may receive.

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Avoid Having Points Added To Your License.

New York drivers get hit with an average of 18 traffic tickets yearly, which can be costly. Furthermore, if you don’t pay your ticket and choose to fight it in court, you may end up with penalties that include license points and fines. But by taking a defensive driving course, you can have your ticket dismissed and avoid this potential outcome. 

But, of course, there’s a catch. You must complete the course within 90 days of being ticketed. It means that if you wait more than that period to take the course and complete it successfully, then the ticket will still stand, and you will get the points on your license.


New York is famous for its traffic, and with the city’s population just exceeding a million, it is no wonder there are more than thousands of intersections. Unfortunately, it is also notorious for being resistant to outside interference and has a reputation for being difficult to beat. 

And that’s why breaking free from the status quo is your best bet at succeeding when trying to get out of a traffic ticket situation. So how do you break free from the system to beat New York traffic? New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer can help you with your problem with the best strategies. So this is how you can beat the system.

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