Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney: What To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse

The elderly population in America is growing, causing a rise in the number of people who live as seniors. According to the statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans over 65 get projected to increase from 21% of the population in 2015 to 32% by 2045. As more individuals live into their later years, there is an increased risk for elder abuse and neglect. 

If you suspect an adult relative has been mistreating you or another loved one, you must take action immediately. The first step toward protecting yourself from elder abuse is recognizing it when it happens. You may not know that your family member or friend is getting abused until something triggers a memory. It includes seeing bruises after they have fallen. After that, it may be something more obvious happens, like them attempting suicide multiple times before finally getting help. 

The second step is recognizing that you have been abused and taking action to protect yourself in the future from any future harm. You can take legal advice from Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney. The following article offers information about what to do if you suspect that someone mistreated your loved one.

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What To Do, If You Suspect An Elder Abuse.

If you suspect that an elderly person is being abused, there are some steps that you can take to help. 

First, try to talk to the person who you think is being abused. If they are able to talk to you, ask them about their situation and see if they are willing to tell you what is happening. 

If the person does not want to talk to you or if you are worried about their safety, you can call the police or an elder abuse hotline. These hotlines will be able to help you figure out what steps to take next and will also be able to provide support and resources for the victim.

Signs of elder abuse 

It’s important to learn about the indications of elder abuse and what you can do to prevent it. Abuse typically gets defined as a person using their power to control another individual. 

Some common signs of elder abuse are the following.

  • Physical violence 
  • Emotional pressure 
  • Financial abuse 
  • Neglect of personal care and safety 
  • Manipulation and intimidation 

Isolation Organizations, such as the National Family Caregivers Association, offer free resources that teach caregivers to recognize the signs of elder abuse.

What Are Types Of Abuse And How To Get Help?

Types of abuse that can occur are physical, emotional, and financial. 

  • Physical abuse is when an older adult has been hit, kicked, or physically assaulted. 
  • Emotional abuse is when an older adult is neglected in mental health care or kept from family members for long periods. 
  • Financial abuse occurs when someone takes a senior’s money with the power or influence over them to control their finances. 

The Next step is understanding how to get help if you suspect your elderly loved one is a victim of neglect. Several resources available can provide you with the help you need to protect your loved one from further harm and heal from the trauma that has already occurred. One resource for getting help is Adult Protective Services (APS). 

Another option would be legal protection through a lawyer specializing in elder law. Finally, after suspicion of elder abuse or neglect, the final step in caring for yourself and your loved one is seeking professional counseling following any incident. Your therapist could provide insight on how to use these steps, cope with what has happened, and move toward healing.

What Are Important Things To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse?

If you find out someone close to you is being abused or mistreated, the next step is finding out what to do. You can find help in many ways, including calling social services, the police, or a trusted family member. 

Sometimes it’s daunting to know if someone is getting abused or not. Even when talking about someone close to you, and in this case, an experienced Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney can help. You can talk with an elder abuse lawyer about your concerns and how they might be able to help protect you from future harm.

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What Are Tips On Preventing Elder Abuse?

If you suspect an adult relative is getting mistreated, the article offers helpful tips on preventing elder abuse and what to do if your loved one is a victim. 

Some tips include the following.

  • Contacting local authorities 
  • Contacting the police and having them contact your elderly loved one’s abuser 
  • Speaking with professionals who can advise on how to protect yourself from future harm
  • Make a list of all the people who have significant control over your loved one’s life. 
  • Take stock of their physical and mental health. 
  • Take them for a medical evaluation. 
  • Seek legal counsel from an experienced Boca Raton elder abuse lawyer.

How Can An Experienced Boca Raton Elder Abuse Lawyer Help You?

Taking action is important if you suspect your loved one is getting mistreated. If you are a victim of elder abuse, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. 

An experienced Boca Raton elder abuse lawyer can help you file a police report, collect evidence, and build a case against the abuser. They can also help you get the financial assistance and social services you need to recover from the abuse.

Summing Up

If you suspect a loved one is getting abused, contact a law enforcement agency and file an elder abuse report. Suppose you don’t feel it is easy speaking to them. The hotline gets staffed with professionals who can assist in any way possible. They can help you find resources for your loved one and give you a list of resources for yourself. 

If you’re concerned about someone abusing their elderly parents and isn’t sure how to go about it, here are some things to consider. First, ask your friend if they are getting treated poorly and in danger, then speak to them privately without influence from the abuser. Next, document what happened so that you have support when seeking legal help. Finally, seek advice from professional organizations or contact a Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney specializing in elder abuse cases. They can help you in handling lawsuits.

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