How to Improve Your Business’s Financial Position

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you might already know that running a business successfully is not as easy as it seems. You have to face certain challenges and difficulties along the way. Business Finances are one aspect that proves to be nerve-wracking for many entrepreneurs. In fact, many entrepreneurs fail either because of the financial challenges they face or because they failed to generate the finances to run the business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to manage your business finances effectively if you want to be successful in the business world.

Financial Position is the key to successful business finance management. Analyzing a company’s financial position gives insights into areas that need improvement. Making improvements in these areas can help you improve the financial state of your company. Here’s a list of areas that you can improve for better overall financial health:

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  1.   Know your numbers

Finance is all about data and numbers. Knowing when you pay your suppliers or when you receive cash from your customers can help improve your business’s financial position. You can make a spreadsheet with all the key metrics of your business, including the accounts receivables, account payables, investments, funding, etc.

However, working with data is not always easy; a specialized set of skills is required for the purpose. You can either outsource these skills or can learn them yourself. Outsourcing a professional to help you manage your data is quite expensive, especially for small businesses. So, the only option for small business owners is to learn the skills themselves. A professional degree such as a DBA in business intelligence is useful for successfully managing the data. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now get admitted to an online DBA degree program and obtain the necessary skills easily.

  1.   Improve your marketing

Probably the most obvious way to improve a company’s financial position is by increasing its sales. 

Marketing plays a vital part in business sales. If you don’t keep your marketing efforts up-to-date, you can lose a good chunk of sales, negatively impacting your financial position. Learning about new marketing avenues such as social media, emails, influencers, videos, and web advertising can help you increase your sales, thus improving the financial position of your business.

  1.   Lower Your Expenses

The easiest way to improve your financial position is to decrease your expenses. Although it may seem that your business only spends on the necessities, the truth can be quite the opposite. 

Analyze each aspect of your business carefully to identify areas where you can reduce spending. For instance, businesses tend to go for equipment from renowned brands with higher costs, although cheaper alternatives are available in the market from relatively unknown brands. Cutting out costs using cheaper alternatives can help improve the business’s overall financial state.

  1.   Improve the Operating Cash Flows

Operating cash flows are one of the most important factors for a company’s financial position. Improving the operating cash flow automatically improves the financial situation of a business. 

When a company has enough cash to pay its employees or invest, it can easily survive in the business world. Accounts receivable and accounts payable cycle are important aspects of a business’s operating cash flows.

A company that collects outstanding payments from customers as early as possible while delaying the payments to the suppliers till the last date has a better overall operating cash flow cycle. So, if you want to improve your company’s financial standing, you must collect payments from customers quickly while delaying your supplier’s payments until the last date. Some businesses offer discounts to customers who pay in cash, significantly affecting their cash collection cycle.

  1.   Seek Out Business Financing

Businesses have multiple funding sources from which they obtain the required finances. Some of them are viable, while others are not for a particular situation. 

You can either seek investor aid or apply for a bank loan, which can be a cheaper alternative to investor aid. Bank loans are easy to obtain and can fulfill the short-term needs of a business, while investor aid tends to be quite challenging and costly. Investors become a partner in your business, and you have to share your profit with them, but they can provide a hefty amount if you want to expand your business. With bank loans, you only have to pay a fraction, but bank financing is limited and has many restrictions. So, it is not viable if you want to expand into new avenues.

  1.   Offer Multiple Payment Options to Customers

One of the important aspects of increasing your sales is to offer multiple payment options to your customers. Providing options such as e-wallets (Paypal), bank transfers, credit card payments, online layby options, and cheques increase the chances of making sales. Another popular option for payments these days is bitcoin. Bitcoins and other crypto coins have gained much popularity in recent years, and many customers like to pay through crypto because of the added advantage of safety and security.

  1.   Offering Discounts to your Customers

Who doesn’t like to buy at a bargain? Offering discounts to customers is a key to making more sales and improving the financial health of a business. Many businesses offer membership discounts to their loyal customers. If you are a small business owner suffering from a bad financial situation, you should consider lowering your prices to increase your sales.

  1.   Increasing the prices

Sometimes the financial health of a business is not bad because it is not making sales but because the prices are so low that it doesn’t bring in many profits. In such cases, it is essential to raise the prices of your offerings. Properly analyzing the situation is vital here. Many businesses fail to realize this fact and end up closing their business. If you are experiencing such a situation, now might be the right time to analyze your pricing strategy.

  1.   Sell Unwanted or Unused Items

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It is common for businesses to have items no longer needed in their stores. However, only a handful of businesses are proactive enough to sell these items when they end up in stores. Selling unwanted or unused items boosts the cash flows and can help improve a company’s financial position.

  1.  Talk to a Professional

Sometimes the best approach to a problem is to ask the professionals in the industry. Finance professionals can provide insights into how you can improve your operating cash flows or can better guide you on getting financing internally and externally. Going to a professional might be the right decision if you want to improve your company’s financial position. However, more often than not, people avoid going to a professional either because of the heavy fees they charge or because they are overconfident in their abilities.


Maintaining a good financial position is essential for the success of a business. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to go through many difficulties to maintain and improve your financial standing. Fortunately, you have this guide to take help from. After reading this article, you are now able to analyze your company’s financial position and identify areas that need improvements. Some of the areas that every business owner needs to keep track of include marketing, costs, prices, cash flows, and financing.