How to Handle C&W: Protect Your Credit Profile

Numerous individuals receive threatening calls from agencies that collect debts. Are you one of them? Being on the receiving end of these unnecessary calls because of unpaid debt is not new and brings discomfort to your daily life. Even if the collection company is annoying and rude, ignoring these calls can cause more harm than good. If C&W is hurting your credit score, it’s better to deal with the agency as soon as you can. 

Here’s all that you need to know when dealing with C&W:

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All About C&W

What is C&W?

C&W is short for Caine and Weiner, and it is a third-party agency that collects debt. The agency is located in Sherman Oaks, California. It gathers money worldwide for over 100 insurance companies. 

Are they a Real Company?

It is a legitimate company founded in 1930 in California and incorporated in 1959. Their headquarters are located in Van Nuys, CA. C&W has over 140 employees across every location. 

Additionally, Better Business Bureau has listed them as a collection agency and system since 2006. 

What do they Collect?

As mentioned above, they collect debt for other companies. The agency partnered with ⅕ of all 500 companies of Fortune, and C&W handles the commercial collections. 

You can find the agency listed in your credit report under a ‘collections’ account. The cause of this usually happens when you forget to pay your bill. It can damage your credit score if a collection is stated in your credit report. 

What can C&W do to me?

Can C&W Sue me?

If C&W made empty threats towards you or your family or trim your wages, note that this is entirely illegal. If you are sure that you didn’t make any loans or forget to pay any bills, it is unlikely that a collection company can sue you. 

Nevertheless, agencies that collect debts are known to summon borrowers to court. A wage garnishment would take place if a default judgment resulted. To prevent this from happening to you, contact an attorney when you first notice the collection notice in your credit profile. With this, you can seek assistance in new jersey process server for consultation and handle it in a professional manner.

Are They Calling You?

If C&W harasses, uses threatening or abusive language, uses misleading or inaccurate information to contact you to collect a debt you took, federal laws protect you. A law, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, prohibits the exact behavior mentioned.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act oversees how C&W and other collection agencies and creditors pass on information about troublesome debts to agencies where they send their reports. Other laws that protect consumers are the Consumer Financial Protection Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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What do I do When They Contact Me?

Should I Pay or Work out a Settlement?

Regrettably, settling can’t help your credit report. Suppose a collection account is already in your credit report the moment C&W added it. In that case, your credit score can suffer damages for seven years regardless if you paid for it. 

C&W offers a settlement of 40 to 80 percent of the actual debt if you opt to settle. Before you agree, make sure that the debt is indeed yours; you wouldn’t want to be paying unnecessarily for a debt that isn’t yours, right?

I want to file a Complaint.

You can sue C&W for violating your rights, and you may also recover money. Federal laws give you an advantage where you can seek monetary damages in court. An example of this is the application of FDCPA, where consumers who a collection company harassed can recover damages for up to $1,000, and the costs of court and attorney fees are covered. 

Additionally, there were several complaints to this debt collection agency—numerous complaints about how they allegedly violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).   

How Can I Contact C&W

C&W has agents that can communicate using Spanish and English. 

  • Address: 5805 Sepulveda Boulevard 4th floor, Sherman Oaks, California, 91411, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone number: (818) 902-4255

Before you contact the agency, ensure that you know your rights. 

Can I Remove C&W From My Credit Report?

You can remove C&W’s negative impact on your credit report with the help of professionals like in Crediful. They offer a free consultation to prepare for this kind of situation; they can help you with your credit report. Also, they can help you remove collections and other harmful items in your credit report.  


When communicating with the company, read the information given above first. It will help you deal with C&W. If this is the first time that this happened to you, it can be frightening and overwhelming to manage alone. It’s best to seek help from professionals who studied cases like this for a good portion of their life. Finally, the faster you deal with this, the better.