How to Decide Between A House And An Apartment 

For many years the dream has been to own your own home. It is often seen as a sign of success and it helps you to achieve financial freedom in retirement. In short, owning a property is akin to being successful and secure. 

Yet, the traditional idea of property ownership is changing, more people are realizing that an apartment can offer more benefits than a house.

Financial Cost

An apartment is cheaper to purchase than a house. That is unless you’re lucky enough to win the prize home lottery organized by Surf Life Savers. 

Cheaper accommodation means it is easier to find a property and have the funds you need to purchase it. You have more chance of getting on the property ladder with an apartment.

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Property needs to be maintained. If you own a house then you’ll be responsible for all the maintenance and spend hours looking after your property. But, if you purchase an apartment the maintenance is handled by another company and all the apartment holders contribute toward this cost.

In short, you may pay a little for the maintenance but you never have to do any.


If you live in a city you may already appreciate that it can be dangerous at times. A house affords a good level of protection but you are isolated. When you live in an apartment the security system tends to be better as there are more people to protect. In addition, there is a benefit to having neighbours in close proximity, they can help you.


If you have your own home and want a gym then you need to look at the space available and find the room or build an extension to house it. This isn’t a concern in an apartment as most blocks have gyms, and even swimming pools inside them. As a resident, you’ll have free access.

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Community Feel

Naturally, living in an apartment means you’ll have plenty of neighbours and the opportunity to make friends with a vast number of people. This can create a community feel inside your block which will help combat loneliness and give you the support you need when you need it.


While there are many upsides to apartment living, it should be noted that if you prefer your privacy you’re going to get a lot more of it in a house. When you live in an apartment everyone knows when you come and go and they will often work out where you have been.

In contrast, most people won’t notice you coming and going from your house. You’ll also have your own yard, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in peace. That can be hard to do in an apartment. 


An apartment is cheaper to purchase making it harder to get a house. But, in the long term, the house is likely to increase more in value, which means you’ll get a better return on your investment. It’s worth considering. 

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