How To Choose The Best Magazine Pouches?

The magazine pouch is used to store magazines and also protect them from falling out but why is it necessary to choose the specially designed pouch, even though it can be stored in clothes, pants, and pockets attached to chest leaks?

If you are a beginner or never use a magazine pouch, you may be wondering this. In this article I would like to talk about how to select the best mag carrier and also recommend some best mag carrier to you.

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How to choose a magazine pouch?

First, I will introduce how to choose a magazine pouch. It is sold by various manufacturers, but if you follow these tips while choosing a mag pouch then it will be easy to select the best one.

Check if it is compatible with MOLLE systems.

When choosing a magazine pouch, the first thing to check is whether your vest or belt, and the magazine bag you plan to buy, are both compatible with the MOLLE system.

The MOLLE system, which began as an individual equipment standard for the US Army, has a structure with belt-like webbing, and is characterized by being able to fix compatible accessories such as pouches. The MOLLE-compatible magazine pouch also has webbing and a strap for fixing on the back, allowing you to attach it to any location you want.

Check magazine size and storage number.

Check the size of the relevant magazine and the number that can be stored. First of all, it is important to note that the size of the magazine pouch is based on a standard hand gun magazine (pistol magazine). If you use it to store a rifle magazine, we recommend that you keep it in mind and examine the size carefully.

Three Best Magazine Pouch are as followed:

G-CODE Softshell Scorpion.

Since the tightening can be adjusted with a rubber cord, many magazines such as the M4 series and AK series can be stored regardless of magazine size. In addition, the inside is also made of a material with the high grip, and if the tension of the rubber cord is adjusted appropriately, it is possible to get the power removed and easy to hold.

Since a mag pouch for Mole compatible hand guns can attach to itself, it has good expansion capability, and although it is a mag pouch that can be recommended to be used adequately in Sabej.

ITW Fast Mag Pouch.

The real thing will be a staple that can be called a classic magazine pouch.

The material is to hold the magazine with a tension of two rubbers surrounded by plastic, and the size and tension cannot be adjusted, but the magazine can be held without any problems. In addition, there are two milling webbing on the table.

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One Tigris Triple Mag Pouch.

It is a triple magazine pouch made by One Tigris, which has released a number of inexpensive items.

Since the magazine is fixed with an open top with bungee cord, it is less likely to fall when facing upward, and because it is made up of nylon, it is also characterized by its lightness and thinness.

In addition to supporting various magazine sizes such as the M4 series and AK series, you can also store a transceiver, and you may not need other pouches with just this one.

There is also a mole webbing on the table, which is highly expandable, and since it can store three magazines, it is a high cost item.


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