How to Check the IPO Allotment Status

Investing in an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a great opportunity for investors to invest in companies. You can invest in a growth company easily. The most important aspect of an IPO is the allotment of shares. When you have the status, you can plan your strategy and can take decisions accordingly. Thus, here are some of the processes discussed below.

1 Go Through the Registrar’s Website: The first process is to visit the website which is handling the IPO allotment status. As registrar is appointed by the company to handle the allotment process. 

2 Find the IPO Section: After finding the registrar’s website look for the IPO section. The section is specifically made for the IPOs to find them.

3 Select the IPO: Under that section, there will be many IPOs going on you can select the one which you have applied for and block your amount click on that of which shares you have applied for, and let it do its processing.

4 Enter Your Application Details: After finding the IPO you will be required to fill in all the important compulsory details to find out about the allotment. You can also refer to your IPO application form for the information that is required and can also check the information received that is given while applying for the IPO.

5 Submit Your Details: Given your information submit all the details and click on the submit button or can click on the allotment status of the IPO. It can also take a short time to process your information and give you all the details about the allotment status.

6 Other Websites: You can also check the allotment status on major websites like NSE (National Stock Exchange) and on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or any other investing app. These stock exchanges are available with many sections you can visit the IPO section where you can check your status by giving all the details.

7 Wait for the Information: If the information is not available at that time you can wait for some more time to get the information. They can also provide the information through SMS and mail. Check all of them to be updated. 

8 Monitor Your Demat Account: After the status you received of confirmed allotment start monitoring your DEMAT account. You will get credited with the shares in your DEMAT account. You can also track your allotted shares in your trading or any discounted broker account or you can also contact your depository account for the information.

9 Listing of IPO: The last and most important decision process listing of IPO shares and trading of shares. They are listed on stock exchanges where you can buy and sell easily. Check regularly you are invested only for the listing gains


Checking the allotment status is an important process for every investor. Above are all the steps available on how to find the allotment status. Sometimes the credit process takes time so no need to worry also apply with proper information to have no problems.

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