How Are Rent Prices Determined?

Even if you find the best deal of the decade while looking for an ideal apartment, there is a high chance that you will find a person who found a better offer than you, maybe even for a better apartment! As you may think like you got the short end of the stick, you will see another individual who is literally paying double the amount than yours while renting an apartment house far tinier. After you experience this occurrence, you might be confused. You probably started to question how the landlords determine the rental rates of city view apartments in Atlanta or any apartment in general. For your knowledge, here are two points you can check to clear up your curiosity regarding this matter.

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The Expenses of The Apartment

Well, some apartments are rent-stabilized. They don’t have a high rate and have a well-round system with services at a price that doesn’t change. They are rare too. Meanwhile, regular apartment owners usually create their rental rate that depends on the annual or monthly expenses of their apartment. Speaking of expenses, there are just many of them. Starting with the fact that some owners got mortgages set on their property. It is a crucial point they need to keep in mind while setting the rental price. Afterwards, they need to think about the repairing and maintenance processes of the apartment. For that, some hire a supervisor. 

Supervisors not only has their own salary to be paid but also, they got additional discounts on their rent. Aside from all this, the building still needs to pay taxes, have insurance, and other service costs. All these add up to a high amount of money. Even after these, the owners still need to set a good amount of rate that can cover these expenses yet attract renters.

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Rates Set by Other Landlords

Most landlords want to be at the peak of their business from many angles and terms. It is a common habit of owners of both small and large apartments that they usually look for information and research on how much others are charging on their respective apartments. They do this researches using several ways. Some look at the rental listing in the newspapers and magazines, while others inspect advertisements from the internet or television. They normally target other landlords from the same neighborhoods with the same services or the same number of bedrooms. With this information, they try to keep their rental rates at the same range as the others.

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Aside from these matters, there are also many other minor things the apartment owners consider when setting up a rental price. These include location and the time of the year. As for the location, an apartment near a subway can have more tenants and thus get a much rate. Finally, apartment owners usually decrease their rental price during the winter season and increase it in the summer.