Helping You Understand The Basics Of A Gold IRA With Lear Capital

A self-directed individual retirement account is for investors interested in alternative investments like physical commodities, including gold and other precious metals. Learn all there is to know about gold IRAs with this guide at

These mean to diversify a portfolio that would otherwise be monopolized by a single class of assets while assisting in growing wealth in the long term.

In order to invest in gold using a self-directed IRA, the “Internal Revenue Service” or “IRS” has specific stipulations that need following, with two of the most prominent being that the gold must be approved by the governing body and owners cannot keep gold in their possession. 

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The approved options might change, but these bullion must be exceptionally refined. Some of the guidelines as directed by the IRS include:

  1. Manufactured bars need to meet a precise weight.
  2. Gold needs to be 99.5% pure.
  3. Coins need to be free of damages and in uncirculated condition.
  4. A nationally accredited company must produce the product.
  5. A certificate of authenticity must accompany the item, and the gold needs to be contained in the original, complete wrapping.
  6. Gold needs to be held in an approved off-site insured depository. Custodians can suggest suitable options, though it will be the owners’ final decision.

The custodian and depository need to be approved by the IRS. Certain custodians specialize in self-directed IRAs that hold gold and other precious metals. Not all who handle self-directed accounts will work with precious metals. 

It’s crucial to specify your interest when searching for the ideal team to work with. 

The custodian can help recommend a precious metal dealer with whom the purchase of the gold can be made. It’s wise to take any and all suggestions, especially when they come from reputable resources. 

It can be challenging to find well-qualified, quality firms to work with that offer years in the industry like Lear Capital (see more here). 

It’s advantageous when you’re provided a list of potentials from which you can do your own research. The custodian is also beneficial in recommending the ideal depository where the gold can be insured and stored safely and securely if you’re uncertain where to start in that process. 

Ultimately these decisions will be yours, but being given a jumping-off point is immensely helpful, especially if you’re new to these sorts of investments.

Funding A Gold IRA For The Purchase Of Precious Metals

When opting for a Gold IRA, a self-directed individual retirement account from which you invest in precious metals like gold, you’ll need to team with an IRS-approved custodian specializing in self-directed IRA with a subspecialty in precious metals.  

A custodian is a financial entity that will administer and manage the gold IRA with reports going back to the IRS. After establishing the IRA, it will be funded in one of three ways:

  1. Cash – The custodian will accept either a wire payment or check for funding the retirement account.
  2. Rollover – For those with a current retirement account, the funds can be withdrawn and deposited into a new IRA. In order to avoid potential penalties, the funds need to be deposited within 60 days of withdrawal. 

If you have two custodians, they can work together to assist you in making the rollover a reality.

  1. Transfer – Again, using the custodian from an existing account, funds can be transferred from one account to the new custodian on the precious metal account.

It’s vital to remember there are contribution limitations each year, meaning you can only deposit a set amount annually according to guidelines. For those under the age of 50, the amount is $6000, and for anyone age 50 or older, it is $7000.

Keep in mind; these limitations are the total for the year, not per account. If you have more than one retirement account that you make contributions to, you’ll need to ensure that the total you contribute for the year doesn’t exceed these limitations. 

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Withdrawing Funds Without Fear Of A Penalty

In order to withdraw funds from a gold IRA with no tax repercussions or potential for penalties, an investor would need to reach the age of precisely 59.5. Once that exact age (count out the months), you can either liquidate your asset or take possession. 

Attempting to do so before retirement age will result in a 10% penalty and possible tax consequences. Click for investment guidance from gold IRA companies.

Final Thought

The Internal Revenue Service has stringent guidelines about using an IRA to invest in gold or other precious metals. It has only been within the not-so-distant past that the governing body made it possible for investors to be able to make these sorts of investments. 

Likely there might still be a kink or two the service might need to work out to get the process precisely how they want it to work for the most significant benefit of everyone involved. While the IRS gets a bad rap, its goal is to ensure that everyone’s best interests are met.