Guide to the types of Slab Serifs

What’s Slab Serif font classification?

So what is the slab serif font classification and how can we differentiate it from different serif fonts if you are new to typography category? All of this could sound rather difficult at first.

But, we’ve got a great unfastened best path available right now! It is the suitable vicinity to study the emblem, in particular if you’re a beginner. Or dig in like a pro developer and revel in this in-depth update on our Envoi Tuts + youtube channel:

You can’t pass a long way by means of typing letters with out seeing the ground plate. Whether in articles, magazines or classified ads. On a e book cowl or sign, the slab serif fonts (frequently known as a square serif or Egyptian) with geometric shapes. Block usage assignment energy, fashion and confidence

With so many to be had slab serif typeface families in digital form, it is able to be hard to choose the proper one. Here’s a assessment of seven of the maximum beneficial and well-designed slab serifs.

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Egyptian Slate

The Egyptian Slate typeface own family is the brand new addition to the Slate own family, all designed by way of Rod mcdonald. This smart, long lasting design consists of six layers with matching curves, as well as both lining and classic design functions.


Created via Adrian Fruiter in 1966, the Serif typeface family is based totally at the geometric linear sorts of Fruiter’s Universe layout, with the addition of squares, brackets, slab serif. A 4-weight serif, with overlapping meanings of two lighter weights.


Fruiter created the Glyph typeface own family in 1977 as an extension of Serif. Like Serif, Glyph is modeled after the authentic types of the Universe, with the addition of slab serifs. Glyph has an extended x-peak than Serif, and the symmetry of its curves is oval-formed. The glyph comes in 5 weights, all with complementary indirect’s.


The Rockwell typeface family turned into created in 1933 via FH Pierpont of the Monotype enterprise. This unique American slab serif has nine weights: 4 Roman, 3 italic, and two shortened variations, making it extra useful.

ITC Lublin Graph

The ITC Lublin Graph typeface own family was created with the aid of Herb Lublin and drawn through Tony Dispone and Joe Sundial in 1974. They created the geometric skeleton of this type on Lublin’s authentic type ITC Avant Grade Gothic, maintaining its function top x-peak, but. Changing shapes to consist of large, rounded-off serifs. Shortened weights, which encompass smaller blocks and older shapes, had been introduced in 1992.


The Memphis typeface own family turned into created by means of Rudolf Wolf of the Steele foundry in 1929. It turned into the primary Egyptian revival typeface to be launched following their preliminary popularity in the early 1800s. Memphis is to be had in four weights, three of that have overlapping curves.


The soho font own family changed into created through Sebastian Lester of Monotype Imaging. Soho’s unique square format sets it apart from other geometric slabs. Various weights encompass 9 inter locking parts in a normal weight. Brief and compressed as well as 4 prolonged versions.

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  1. Campfire Slab Typeface Font

This slab serif looks wonderful with some textual content implemented. It is tremendous for a camp-themed aesthetic, however believe this for the packaging of meals products, liquids, and greater.

  1. Detroit Block Serif Font

Here’s some other instance of a thick, slightly textured slab serif. It feels unhappy it is the case with a few variation of lifestyles within the shape itself.

Shine Sans & Slab Serif Fonts combo

Check out this incredible font mixture. Here is a take a look at the protected slab serif typeface, but it also comes with a matching sans serif as properly. Font combinations like this will be a great idea if you’re looking for a prepared-made pair.

Four. Sabine contemporary Slab Font

That is a one of a kind tackle slab serif. There’s a chunk of a geometrical vibe here. The serifs themselves are nonetheless blocky and thick, however we get some angled version in some of the strokes.

  1. Boxing Slab Serif Font

In case you’re seeking out a chunky slab serif font with some conventional man or woman, supply this one a glance. The serifs are a whole lot thicker and blockier, and there’s a pointed difference within the stroke as properly.

  1. Martini Thai Niue V2 Slab Serif Typeface

This slab serif font is stylish and easy. Its impartial aesthetic makes it stand out. Do not forget combining it with a sans serif, or use this alone for unique elements of your composition.

  1. Woodman Block Serif Font

Is this type now not established? It has a country sense to it. Take a look at out this slab serif and three of its protected weights these days. It absolutely depends at the sort of display and the smaller components of your composition, too.

  1. Adana Slab Serif Font circle of relatives

Here are exceptional takes on the slab serif aesthetic. It breaks some of the usual seems we’d expect to look right here, but still keeps the chunky, blocky appearance in its personal manner.