Five basic ideas for forming a beautiful flower bed

Home gardeners always have choices and possibilities when it comes to beautiful flower beds. The front yard of a row house or a large outdoor space are basically the same, they can be charming or the opposite, terrifying! 

A clear vision is the start and the next step is how to organize your flower bed… 

Here are five basic ideas for forming your beautiful flower bed:

The mature height of various plants needs to be considered because it is one of the main factors in how your flower bed looks. It is recommended that taller plants be planted on the north side and the shorter they are towards the south. The goal is to maximize sun exposure. Mistakes in planting according to the north-south rule will result in flower growth not being optimal. So the first idea is to plant according to the north-south rule!

Within budget. Adjusting to the budget is the next step. A rose bush or a variety of blooming flowers are two different things, and therefore two different budgets. If your budget is limited, rose bushes are more recommended, especially since the “maintenance costs” that must be prepared are also more affordable. However, if budget is not a problem for you, a variety of flowers is a more attractive option. Especially if you add fruit-bearing plants between them. The second idea is clearly a combination of flowers and fruit-bearing plants. The most common is a tomato plant amidst flowers.

Distance between flower plants. You have to make sure the distance between plants is right, not too far, and not too close. Too far away means your flower bed will look empty here and there, while too close will cause the growth of “each plant unit” to not be good enough. Each plant will compete for nutrients in a small area and as a result, some of them will “die.” However, setting the distance between plants a little closer than “standard” can be done because it can minimize weed growth. It is especially recommended for cut flowers because it encourages them to grow taller to compete for sunlight. However if the weeds tend to get out of control, hiring beed wed control experts is recommended. This is the third idea!

Consider a low-maintenance flower bed. Highly recommended for those of you who are planning to make your own flower bed. If you don’t have time to water every day, you may need to choose plants that are more resilient. This is the fourth idea for selecting plants that can be given “perfunctory care.”

Start small. It would be better if you experiment first with a small flower bed and if it looks successful then you continue with the second, third, and so on slowly. This way, in the end, you will get a larger flower bed that looks healthy and grows perfectly. This is the fifth and final idea in this article. 

Finally, apply the five ideas above to create a flower bed that is attractive to anyone who sees it. Good luck!